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Chapter Eleven - The Victory Ball

Ava's View

 Sondra tugged at random strands of my hair in attempts to make something pretty out of it; in my opinion, it wasn't working. At all. All she was doing was causing a bloody big headache. Sondra was already dressed and sorted for this stupid ball, her blonde hair was in a marvelous updo, with braids and ringlets and little curls all pinned together in intricate patterns, intertwined with tiny crystals. Her makeup was natural, with sparkling aqua eyeshadow bringing out her blue eyes. She wore the golden locket she always wore around her neck and her dress was a dazzling blue, not unlike the ocean. When she moved, the skirt of the dress would ripple like water and sparkle in whatever light was shining onto it. The dress was a one shoulder dress, and on that single strap, there was tiny diamonds sewn into the material, which made the ocean-dress look even more realistic. She wore simple blue flats underneath the dress, purely because I had forced her to, so that I wouldn't be the only one without any ridiculous heels. 

"Stop moving your head Ava!" Sondra hissed, pulling at my hair once more, which made my head jolt forward. She cursed under her breath and continued ragging my hair everywhere. I scowled to myself as my scalp throbbed with all of the tugging. I decided not to question her about last night's dinner; it didn't seem something she would want to talk about. Not tonight, anyway. And I dind't want to read her mind because after all, our thoughts are the only things people can thoroughly keep to themselves and I don't think I should be the one to take that tiny sense of privacy away from anybody. 

When Sondra had finished with my hair, I had to say, it did look pretty good. It was all loose and fell down my back in large waves but across the back of my head was a waterfall braid which made me look like a princess. Once she'd finished, and stopped looking so proud of herself, Sondra threw the dress that I was required to wear at my face. I took one look at it and held it out at arm's length as if it was infected.

"I'm not wearing this!" I hissed. Sondra grinned.

"Oh yes you are. Go on, get changed in the bathroom." Sondra said, pushing me through the door and then locking me inside. After I threw myself into the door a few times in an attempt to escape, I grumbled to myself and decided to just get changed into the dress. It was the colour of amethysts and I wasn't going to lie, it was really nice. It was just...too tight in all of the wrong places. It was like something Natasha would wear, not something I'd wear. 

I managed to squeeze into the dress and I looked at myself in the mirror. The dress had two straps, and no back. It was fairly low cut at the front too. What on Earth is she doing to me? Never again is Sondra dressing me up, ever. It reached the floor, so my embarrassing little flats weren't visible. There was a purple belt under my bust and the rest of the dress flowed freely to the ground, each piece of material shimmering in the light, just like amethysts. Around the hem of the dress, there was tiny silver embellishments, which looked like little stars. I tried to open the door but then realised that Sondra still hadn't unlocked it. 

"Let me out, I'm dressed," I called and Sondra opened the door in one swift movement. She gasped when she saw me but I simply glared at her. She clapped her hands together like an excited seal. 

"You look great!" She exclaimed, before grabbing my shoulders and sitting me down in the vanity chair in front of the mirror and a lot of bottles, compacts and creams. I frowned at it all. 

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