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A/N: I think we've all established that this book is going to be a lot longer than the first one. Ah well, I'm not complaining. Sorry this chapter took a little longer than expected, I haven't been well for the past few days, but it's here now! Happy New Year, by the way! Enjoy and have a wonderful day/night. Love, abbiemca x

Chapter Eighteen - Loki, God of Romance

Ava's View

Right. How do I do this? Do I just call for Heimdall? Or do I have to use a certain signal or...? I already looked like an idiot staring up into the sky in the middle of New York. People were bustling around me, one or two of them recognised me and gave me a little handshake or hello. I did save the world, after all.

The little bag with a pair of flats and my hairbrush was slung over my shoulder and I quite honestly looked hopelessly lost. I took one last look around and then opened my mouth.

"Um...Heimdall? Can you hear me?" I asked, very quietly. Nothing happened. Do I have to shout or something? I could have sworn he said he can see everything, including this. Maybe I have to be somewhere with less people. Yeah, that seems reasonable. So I walked from the busy streets and turned down into some random alleyways. I found one that was empty, even though being in it creeped me out slightly. I took a breath and shouted for Heimdall once more. This time, I received a response and I was instantly shrouded in bright light. My stomach lurched and my head spun, every single colour of the rainbow danced in front of my eyes. I hated travelling by Bifrost.

Once I had gotten even footing, I looked around for a moment. This was definitely not New York, everything was golden and there was no car fumes to inhale. I smiled to myself as Heimdall greeted me.

"Lady Richards, lovely to see you again. I believe Loki is waiting outside for you. I trust you had a safe trip?" He asked, his amber eyes staring straight through me as usual. I gave him a smile and nodded.

"Yes I did, thank you Heimdall," He simply gestured for me to step onto the actual bridge outside of the golden casing we were stood inside of. I did so and, of course, Loki was leaning on the golden casing of the Bifrost and a grin spread across his face when he saw me. He left his position and walked over to me, pulling my into a tight embrace.

"I missed you," He said softly into my ear. I smiled into his shoulder.

"I was gone for two days, Loki," He simply laughed.

"And within those two days of your absence, I've been horribly bored," He said with a smirk, releasing me from the hug and holding me by my shoulders; which we still bruised although they were healing. I winced as his hands touched the bruises, I tried to hide my discomfort but Loki wasn't stupid. He frowned at me and then moved his hands, much to my relief.

"What's wrong? Are you hurt?" He asked softly. I shook my head.

"It's nothing, just some bruises. They're nearly gone now," I said, waving it off. I tried to change the subject but Loki was having none of it.

"It clearly isn't nothing if it pains you when I touch you." He said, pointedly. I bit my lip.

"It's fine, Loki. Honestly," I said, now staring into his eyes, inwardly hoping that he'd just drop it. Yeah, whatever.

"It isn't fine, Ava. How did you do it?" He asked, I wasn't getting out of this now. I sighed and ran my fingers through my hair; something that I hardly ever do.

"Fine! I had an argument with Steve and he shouted at me and grabbed me a bit too hard! It's nothing!" I said, getting exasperated. Loki was now glaring at me.

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