A/N: Alright, so half of this chapter will be in Steve's point of view, back on Earth with the rest of the gang (because I'm not gonna lie, I miss them all). And the second half will be back on Asgard, but in Loki's point of view. (Why did he need Thor in the last chapter? Ehehehe). Also, I know that I've cast Benedict Cumberbatch as Will thanks to a suggestion from one of my readers (thank you, by the way :)) but I was thinking about changing it to Ben Whishaw, especially since I saw some pictures of him from Skyfall. I'll attach a picture at the side, let me know If I should have Benedict or Ben, thank you :) And suggestions for Ava are always welcome because I literally have no idea. Anyway, enjoy and have a wonderful day/night, love abbiemca x


Chapter Six - Midgard and Plans


Steve's View

I pulled my jacket tighter as rain soaked my head and shoulders. I grumbled to myself and rapped on Ava's door once more. Where is she? Was the dress fitting really that bad? Nobody has seen or heard from her since. I only needed to ask her how to fix my phone, the others just laugh at me. Maybe Nat and Pepper aren't telling the whole story; have they upset her or something? After a soaking wet jacket later, I gave up knocking and walked to Stark Tower. Surely Tony or Pepper know where she is, right?

JARVIS let me into Stark Tower and I sent myself straight to the 56th floor of the tower, where I usually find at least one of the two. Thankfully, I was greeted by Pepper before Tony. She smiled at me, with that smile that hasn't been off her face since Tony propsed to her. They were so happy.

"Hey, Pepper. Have you seen Ava?" I asked her, she pondered for a moment then her smile dropped slightly.

"No, I can't say I have. Sorry Steve, did you need her for something?" She asked, tilting her head to the side, her strawberry blonde hair falling over one shoulder slightly.

"Um... I'm having a bit of trouble with my mobile, she usually helps me."

"Oh, right. I haven't seen her since the dress fitting, sorry. But I'm sure Tony could help you with the phone?" Pepper said to me. I raised an eyebrow sceptically. She just laughed. "Yeah. Maybe that's not a great idea. But you should go down and see him anyway, he might have heard from Ava."

I nodded and then led myself down into Tony's workspace. I entered the passcode, which Pepper had told me a while ago. Tony barely even looked at me when I entered, he was too engrossed welding a piece of metal together.

"Capsicle. It's rude to enter without knocking."

"Have you seen Ava?" I asked, sitting on the only chair in the room. He glared at me as I spun around on it.

"No. What did you need her for? Fancied declaring your undying love again?"

"No, Stark. You drugged me when that happened."

"I didn't drug you, Capsicle. Don't be so over dramatic. I simply slipped a chemical I needed to try into your drink. Banner said it was safe too-"

"Because you and Banner are so reliable."

"Of course we are, according to SHIELD, we are two of the most intelligent men in the world."

"That doesn't make you reliable."

"No, but it's a good factor." Tony said. The 'undying love' thing was a while ago, after the big Loki battle, we all went round to Stark's and basically threw a big party. A party in which Tony spiked my drink with a new chemical he'd found and it basically had the same effect as alcohol does on normal people. Makes them drunk.

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