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Chapter Fifteen - Daddy Issues 

Ava's View 

Bruce and I didn't leave Stark Tower that night, in fact, the four of us gotten that horrendously drunk, we had no choice but to stay the night. And it wasn't like Tony was short of spare beds. It was just a pity that Fury took to waking us all up at half past 6 in the morning to call me in. I could hardly even walk. My head felt as if somebody was prying it apart with claws and smashing it to pieces with Mjolnir at the same time. I groaned and then tripped over on the way out of Tony's charcoal coloured spare room. My hands weren't quick enough to break the fall and I fell face first on the cold grey floor. JARVIS spoke up. 

"Careful, Ms Richards," He said, his British mechanical voice ringing in my ears repeatedly. I winced and managed to haul myself to my feet. I stumbled into Tony's front room, where Bruce was cradling his head in his hands and Tony was lying flat out on the floor. I tried to say something but it ended up just slurring so I gave up after several attempts. Pepper got her well-deserved lie in, clearly. 

"This... your fault, Ava," Tony managed to slur out. "Fury dragging us too." 

"Shut up," I groaned, as I stumbled over to his medicine cabinet. I rummaged through it until I found Aspirins and I swallowed two with a jug of water. They hardly even helped, my head was still pounding and my balance was definitely not improving. "What time...do we go?"

"We're thirty minutes late," Bruce moaned. I threw my head back with the biggest groan ever and then grabbed both of them by their shoulders, ready to teleport us there. Tony immediately tried to scramble away from my touch but his body was getting him nowhere. 

"Noo! You can't teleport us, you're drunk!" He said, his voice still slurred and his words were all mixing together. 

"Walk then," I snapped and he started muttering stuff under his breath as he took my arm. It took us longer than usual to get there purely because the three of us were so drunk we can hardly even function. The three of us stumbled up the steel corridors until we reached Fury's office. We tried to smarten ourselves up a bit and at least stand up straight, but the fact that we reeked of alcohol kind of gave us away. Fury opened the door to us and glared at us. 

"Are you three...drunk?" He asked, folding his arms across his chest. 

"No," I stated.

"Maybe," Tony patronised, leaning forward slightly. 

"A little bit," Bruce admitted and Tony and I glared at him. Fury sighed and kneaded his forehead with his fingers. 

"You three are absolutely unbelievable. Ava goes swanning off to Asgard, Tony decides to go and get married, and then Ava does the same. And here's me thinking Bruce is the only normal one and then all three of you go and get so drunk you can barely even walk! Do you not realise you have jobs to do?" Fury snapped, pointing aggressively at all of us in turn. 

"Let's not forget that Pepper had involvement in this..." Tony muttered quietly. 

"And if it wasn't for you telling me to go and see them, Dear Nicholas, this whole event would never have happened," I stated, trying to act cool and collected but that didn't work as I ended up stumbling over my own feet. He simply groaned and pulled us into his office by the collars of our shirts. 

"Sit. Now," He snapped and the three of us did as we were told, Bruce on his own chair and me sitting on Tony's knee seems as there was only two seats between us. "Ava, come with me. You two can come too, if you want to, but really it's up to Ava..." 

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