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A/N: I really, really don't want to do the masses of homework I have, so I wrote this to make it look like I'm researching and writing things up on my computer, but in reality, I'm just writing stories. Pic to the side is Ben Whishaw (Will). Enjoy and have a wonderful day/night, love, abbiemca x 


Chapter Twenty Three - Exile 

Ava's View

I felt a horrid, churning sensation in my stomach as I'd looked at the results of Sondra's and my own actions; It had been over a year since I'd killed anybody, and this was just making me feel even worse on top of everything else. 

Odin and Heimdall and taken us back to Asgard, of course,via Bifrost, and Odin was absolutely livid with rage. I mean, I couldn't blame him, we had just caused a war between two realms. Even though Odin was going to do it sooner or later anyway... judging by his invasion plans. 

"I hope you know what you two have done!" He bellowed at the top of his voice. Heimdall stood behind him, without a sound, looking at the scene. We were still standing in the Bifrost casing. However, as Heimdall had supposedly alerted Odin, people overheard and the word was already spread. Will, Thor and Loki had ran to the Bifrost to see the commotion. 

Yes, Loki. 

He didn't look at me. He averted his eyes when I tried to grab their emerald irises, but even when he did seem to be looking towards me, his eyes were glassy and stared strange past me. It was making me feel worthless, empty, hollow. 

Thor and Will were both trying to protest but Odin silenced them immediately. Sondra and I stood in front of Odin as he lashed out his screeches at us. 

Loki was stood furthest away form the ordeal, Thor and Will were standing closer to us, but they were still not too close. 

"You have just caused a war! A war we did not need! A war which, I hope, you two shall feel guilty for all of the losses we are going to suffer!" This roar made my head burst into flames. How dare he? Yes, we'd started a war, yes we'd done wrong, yes we shouldn't have killed ten giants. But, how can he shift the blame for everything that we are going to lose, when he was going to invade them anyway?!

"But you were planning your on invasion on Jotunheim, I have the plans to prove it!" I yelled back in his face. Odin fell silent and the colour drained form his face. His shouting ceased and was now replaced by unnerving hissing. 

"How did you find out about that?" He demanded, in a low hiss. I hesitated. If I tell him the truth, I'll get punished further for breaking into his study. And then he'll find out that Tom also knows... and that is definitely not going to help my case with Loki at all. 

"I...I just did," I stammered, everybody now staring at me.

"DON'T LIE TO ME!" He roared and I clenched my fists as he did so; he treated everybody as if they were a piece of dirt on his shoe. He let out a sharp breath and kneaded his forehead with his fingers. "Do you know what this means? Do you know what this means for both of you?" We remained silent. "Exile," He stated and the word hit us all like bullets to the chest. 

"What?!" Sondra and I snapped, eyes wide and mouths hanging open. Thor ran forward, Will at the rear, trying to talk sense into his father. 

"You can't exile them, father!" He pleaded, "If we are to be in a war, they should fight alongside us! You cannot exile them, they did not intend to start a war, you know what happened during my exile-" 

"Silence, Thor!" He snapped. "They are to be exiled to Midgard and brought back upon my orders when Jotunheim attacks. They are to fight upon our front lines and give their lives for our realm if necessary, and they should be thankful they are not being executed by me." Odin snarled. I couldn't help but notice Loki had hardly even flinched during this. He stood, staring, his eyes glazed over as if he had seen this whole scene before. 

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