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Chapter Nineteen - Horse Riding

Ava's View

When I woke up, I'd been tucked into my bed, my head propped up onto a fluffy pillow and I was still wearing the emerald dress. I automatically looked to the left of me, and surprisingly, Loki wasn't lying at my side. I shrugged it off however, and flung the quilt from my body. I'd fallen asleep in the cinnamon meadow last night, hadn't I? Which meant Loki had brought me back here and tucked me in. The thought brought a small smile to my face and I instinctively looked down into my lap. Then, at that moment, the colour of my dress actually struck me.

I'd worn green.

I'd worn his colour.

I groaned to myself out of sheer stupidity. No wonder he'd said I looked good. I'd been avoiding the colour green ever since I'd been here with him, purely because he'd been hinting at it constantly and oh how I loved to annoy him.

And I'd worn green!

I just about managed to shake the colour green from my head, when none other than Loki burst through my door just as I stood from my bed. He was running to me, but he stopped abruptly halfway. His eyebrows furrowed slightly and he looked utterly astonished.

"Have you only just woken up?" He asked, standing there staring at me in what seemed like disbelief. I opened my mouth to say something but no words came out at first. Only just woken up? Why does that even matter, it's not late!

"Why does that matter?" I managed to get out of my mouth, placing a hand on my hip. He mimicked my actions and raised an eyebrow at me. I glared at him.

"Because you're not even dressed! We're going out now!" He said, walking towards me and taking me by my shoulders, it didn't hurt anymore, so I'm assuming the bruises had healed now. He steered me over to my wardrobe and then suddenly let go of me, kissed my forehead and then ran to the door again. Before leaving, he turned to me once more. "Five minutes, Ava!"

"Fine!" I snapped back and he grinned before slamming the door. I groaned inwardly and took a cream tunic, leather pants, brown waistcoat and my brown leather, lace-up boots from the wardrobe. I quickly changed, threw the green dress into the laundry basket, brushed my hair and teeth and then met Loki on the corridor.

Well, I thought it was just Loki. But standing there facing me was Loki, Thor, Sondra and Will. They all stared at me, eyebrows raised and arms folded. I looked innocently at them.

"What?" I asked. Sondra, of course, was the first to speak up.

"We've all gotten ready, had breakfast, and were completely ready to go, and then Loki turns up saying you're not even out of bed yet!" She said, waving her hands in fairly imaginative hand gestures. She almost hit Will with one of her flying hands and he took to moving a few steps to the side for his own safety.

"Well I'm sorry! If you'd have told me about your little plans earlier, then maybe I wouldn't have slept in!" I retorted, getting fairly annoyed with the fact I was getting scolded for sleeping.

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