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Chapter Thirty - Goodbye

Ava's View

My burnt arm throbbed, and most of the skin around it had peeled and revealed shiny red flesh, which stung like hell. I ripped off some fabric from under my armour plates, and wrapped it tightly around my arm. It didn't particularly help the pain, but it stopped any more dirt getting into the open wound. 

More hours had passed, more people and giants were dead. It was getting to a point now where there was going to be nowhere to dispose of the bodies afterwards, that's how many had taken fatal blows in this battle. Bodies littered the ground, and their blood pooled around them, seeping in between the cracks in the golden cobbles and staining the floor. Whoever had the job of cleaning up had some work cut out for them. 

There were no giants near me for the time being, so I took a short break and looked around me. Asgard was in ruins. The rainbow bridge was splintered, cracked, and was probably going to need even more maintenance. The town was basically destroyed. Most houses had been knocked over, or demolished from giant forces, or magical blasts. The marketplace was in bits - the wooden stalls were splintered and fallen in awkward positions on the floor. The jewel coloured canopies were torn, ripped and were now soaking up blood from bodies that they accompanied on the floor. The fountain in which Loki and I had sat with Mari and Sofia was also in complete state of disrepair; the statue of the woman was cracked, her face had been chipped and one of her arms had been taken completely off. The normally strong stream of water was now just little droplets, weakly spurting out from the last remaining hand. The water which pooled around the woman, was tinged with red with blood, and there was a dead Asgardian body strewn on the edge of it, his brown hair dipping into the water. 

I assumed the people of the town had ran as fast as they could, or had been evacuated, away from the city, as far away from the battle and the giants as they could manage. But there was a few people left behind. However, they were already being ushered away by warriors who had not fallen in their battles. 

I sighed as I turned my head away from the town - it wasn't much better. The whole battlefield was just looking like a graveyard; there were more dead than there were alive. It was going to take Asgard a hell of a long time to recover from this. 

I could see, not far away from me, Sondra was fighting again. Her sword was swinging and slicing, dripping with Jotun blood. She seemed a little tired, but she still carried on fighting, using her blade in such elaborate ways that I don't think anybody could have parried her attacks. 

I could see Will too, his hair was matted, and stuck together in clumps. He didn't have his glasses on, so I was wondering what on Earth was helping him see properly. Maybe there was some temporary potion or spell... I don't know. He was keeling over slightly, so I 'd come to the conclusion that he had procured some sort of injury. 

In the far distance, I could make out Thor's huge figure. He let out roars and battle cries as he swung his hammer around, and blasted giants with lightning. Thor was still full of energy - but what did I expect, really?

I couldn't see Loki anywhere. 

I could make out a group of four people, fighting against at least eight frost giants. Three were male, the other was female. It could be nobody else than Sif and the Warriors Three. They swung blades, and axes, and other weapons at the giants and although the giants put up a good fight against the foursome, they were soon brought to their deaths. 

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