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Chapter Thirty Three - Recovery

Ava's View

Three days had passed. Asgard's cobbles were clean; back to their gleaming golden colour thanks to the numerous volunteers who had helped to sweep the streets. The palace was bustling with people. Homes had been destroyed, and anybody who had nowhere to stay had been welcome to stay in the house of Asgard until homes were repaired and replaced. I liked it better this way, there was more of an atmosphere, more feelings in the air. 

I kept Mari close. Everytime I saw her on her own, memories of Sondra's past flooded back to my mind and I just couldn't allow the same thing to happen to her. I'd look after her. Until something was sorted, until everything has calmed down, I'd look after her. Seeming as my bed was a kingsize bed, we both shared it, and I'd read her a story or two from the huge book of fairytales that Tom had presented me with. She knew more than I did, of course, but she still didn't know all of them, and she always picked a new one each night, much to my delight. 

Once she had drifted asleep, I always waited a good fiften minutes until I attempted to sleep. I didn't want her to feel alone. Especially when she had nightmares every night. Just as I used to be able to with Loki, I could sense the nightmares whilst they played out in her head, which woke me up each time. I never read Mari's mind. I didn't think it fair. However, unlike Loki, Mari did not object to me gently waking her and soothing her whilst she was going through the ordeal of the nightmares. Also unlike Loki, she could not block her nightmares from my mind, meaning I always knew when she was suffering. 

There had been little improvement on Loki. Thor came to see me each day, as apparently, I was not permitted to see him. I had caused an uproar over that, but apparently nobody knew whether the stories that I were telling about us forgiving each other were true, no matter how many people I showed the ring to. They didn't think I could be trusted with him.

But, I mean, when do I ever follow the rules?


Now I follow the rules. Considering last time I was reckless, I had started a war. 

Thor would update me each day, and try to falsify a smile on my behalf. I didn't need to be a telepath to know it was an act. Thor was just as distressed as I was. And like Thor, I also put up a front. 

Are you okay, Ava?

Oh yes, I'm fine. I'm coping, anyway. How are you? 

Nobody doubted me. I even had Sondra and Thor fooled. The only person who was in anyway dubious about my emotions was Will, but I never stayed with him long enough for him to work it all out. I didn't have to hide anything from Mari, though. With both her parents gone, I think she found it comforting that she was not the only one who had lost somebody extremely important to her. She didn't feel embarassed, or scared, crying in front of me. I did my best to calm her down, to sooth her.

I missed him, and I didn't even dare to think what would happen if he didn't... If he didn't wake up. 

Thor had told me Helena was looking after him personally, and that she was trying everything she could. There had been no improvements, and she had been close to giving up. But Thor had insisted that she keep trying, but she had told him heartily that there was next to no hope. 

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