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Chapter Twelve - Loneliness


Steve's View

Almost a week had passed now and Ava still hasn't come home. Asgard. She's on freaking Asgard. With him. I don't understand why she can't just get over this stupid infatuation with Loki. I mean, she can't love him, he killed thousands of people, he destroyed lives, buildings, everything. And yet Ava still falls for him. And I'm not just saying that because I like Ava more than just a friend, but she deserves better...She needs somebody nice and decent, who can look after her. Not somebody who has nearly killed her a few times. It hurt me so much, to see them together, my enemy and my best friend...I just can't handle it. I mean, I'll try and support Ava but...there's only so much I can do. 

I punched the huge punchbag in front of me with a shout in temper. I hit the bag repeatedly, over and over until my fists stung slightly. Beads of sweat were forming on my brow but I didn't care, I needed something to vent my anger on. I don't know why I was angry, as such. Well, okay, I do know  but I don't understand why I'm so worked up over it. Alright, maybe I do. Argh! I slumped down onto the floor, wiping my face with the back of my hand. I sat with my head between my knees, just thinking of what was happening to Ava. 

I mean, nobody knows the circumstances, do they? They know she's on Asgard with Loki, and that's it. Nobody is taking any action because they're all assuming that she either wanted to go with him, or if she didn't, she can look after herself anyway. And Thor's up there too. What if Loki had actually captured her? And is now torturing her or something? And Thor isn't on hand? Or maybe nobody knows about it. 

My brain hurt from all of the emotions that were playing over and over, molding themselves together to form all kinds of feelings and worries. I ran my fingers through my hair backwards and forwards vigorously, working myself up. Why Ava. Why couldn't she just stay here? Why couldn't Loki just leave her alone? She was happy with me, and Tony and Bruce and Pepper. Natasha and Clint. Even Fury. She was happy (kind of) picking out dresses for Pepper's wedding, helping to plan it (the parties, anyway). She was happy getting drunk with Tony and making me clean up their mess. She was happy with our pizza nights. She was happy hiding Clint's arrows and not giving them back until  he flipped. 

Why does Loki think he can just come and take her? Why did she want to go? If she did want to go that is. It was all just too confusing. Then another thought hit me, a more worrying one. What if...she didn't come back? What if she's injured, or dead, or simply likes it better in Asgard, with Loki. What if she doesn't come back for Pepper and Tony's wedding, for our pizza nights, to get drunk with Tony, to play tricks on Clint...what if that day dress shopping with Nat and Pep were the last moments she had with her old friends? 

My thoughts were interrupted by the door of the training gym being opened gently. I craned my neck to see a figure I didn't recognise in the doorway. I furrowed my eyebrows as the person neared me. It was a girl, with fluffy blonde hair, caramel coloured eyes and she was very, very thin. She wore a dress suit and was hugging a black book to her chest. She was very pretty and everything, but there was something to her that didn't quite fit. 

"Steve, isn't it?" She asked, I stood up and dusted myself down. 

"Yes Ma'am," I said, slinging my towel over my shoulder. The girl smiled a quite awkward smile. I frowned slightly at her. 

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