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45||Dynasty:The Building
“ Sentiment. ”

Ji Dwi,
    I have heard that you volunteered to accompany Sook Myung to Baekje. I do not know what made you do that but I hope you take care of yourself.

   I hope you are not oblivious to the fact that you may never come back from your quest. Rest assured that no matter what changes within you or between us, I will wait for your return. I will be the first one to welcome you back home.

Yours, truly.

Ji Dwi folded the letter that was given to him by Eun-Ji's servant. If he was being honest, he doesn't know what or how to feel nor does he know why or for what reason.

She had confessed and came out of hiding. However, he is not sure what is real or what is between them anymore. Was it all an act too? Which one is real?

||Time Skip||

  It has not slipped my mind that I might not come back from this treacherous quest. However, have faith that I will and when I do, never doubt that I will search for you firsthand.

  I want to know what is between us, can we be lovers at last? Hold on to the answers for now, save them for my return.

Ji Dwi

Eun-Ji stared at the letter. She sighed and it was like a thorn has been removed from her throat.

A tear escaped her right eye. She smiled. Looking forward to his return and possibly an easier and true moments with him. If she still have time to spare of course she wouldn't know. Leading to her wanting to spend the rest of her time with him in truth.

In the back of her mind, there is a voice, lingering and telling her it may be the end. Striking fear in her heartstrings, yet she choose to be optimistic.

“ Lying proved to be easy as long as everyone believe. Hoping will be as well, as long as I believe. ”

||Time Skip||

A-ro looked at Eun-Ji with sad eyes, feeling rather awful for not getting to embrace her before she too go on a treacherous quest. Eun-Ji stayed on the side, watching as the Queen walk to the front with We Hwa and another higher up.

The Queen sent her a satisfied glance before looking at Ji Dwi in front of her. She was mildly disappointed, if she was being honest. She continued walking with an inaudible sigh.

“ Your duty is to guard Princess Sook Myung. Maintain your honor as Hwarang. Do not back away from a fight and you shall do your all for Silla. You may face unforeseen situations on your way. ”

Eun-Ji looked down. “ This time, I am no longer controlling things for people around me. This time, I'll let go. ” she thought.

“ Remember each time that you are Hwarang! You are the pride of Silla! Do you understand?!”

“ Ye! ”

“Gongjunim? ”

“ I am fine, Mi Sun. ”

Queen Ji So stepped forward. “ These four Hwarangs shall go as delegates requesting amity to Baekje. They shall also guard Princess Sook Myung. Go and solidify the alliance with Baekje that has been in place since the 19th King of Silla! ”

“ Ye! ”

“ Sook Myung, Don't let me down. ” Eun-Ji mumbled to herself.

She had shared looks with the delegates before they were sent off to their quest. Though, not saying anything, she believed that one look can save a relationship. Ji Dwi gave justice to that just be looking at her, just one look and she knew, she knew there was no change of heart.

She suppressed the smile that's creeping it's way to her face, he was headed for a gamble with their lives.


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