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03||Dynasty: The Building
“ It is a good life. ”

Next Day

The next day passed by quickly. A-ro woke Eun Ji early, which she complained about since she doesn't wake early but A-ro promised her yesterday to help her fit in.

For A-ro, the day was spent in a lively and colorful way, with Eun-Ji's continuous criticism towards all their undeveloped things or what Eun-Ji call, ‘ Not-so-advanced things, ’ with her endless mumbles of complaints as to why a certain thing or doing was done like this, the look she gave the object for cleaning her teeth; which was murderous while muttering, ‘ It doesn't even look like a brush! ’ and her endless questions whenever she forgets what an object is called saying, ‘ What is this? ’ or ‘ What's that again? ’ Honestly, A-ro liked the girl. She even grown fond of her. She would always send her a look whenever Eun-Ji would say a foreign word or a bad word or phrase to remind her she have to throw that bad habit and Eun-Ji would always reply, ‘ I'm supposed to be your older sister, you know that? ’ and she would always counter, ‘ I am teaching you how to fit in and you are only months older than me. ’

For Eun-Ji, It was a tiring but adventurous day. She had to refrain herself from saying any bad words which is not successful, she lost her cool when they wash the clothes especially when she was going to brush her teeth, she definitely lost it.

Honestly, she was happy, she felt like she's home. She was more excited when Ahn Ji told her he would teach her how to be a doctor. Though, it wasn't her dream, she preferred that other than be useless. Besides, helping people wouldn't be that bad.
That is her life. Though not really a dream come true, for Eun-Ji, it is a good life, helping people, not saying any bad words or foreign phrases, even wearing hanboks and having her hair down and not in a bun.

A-ro started teaching her how to write which Eun-Ji grew to like, she loved calligraphy but she had a hard time controlling the brush.

In this new life, she felt like an actual person with humanity, she felt cared for, she felt loved, she felt like a woman. It is a good life.

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