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22||Dynasty: The Building

Appa... ”

“ Umma... ”

“ What's your name? ”

“ My name is Eun-Ji. ”

“ Hana, dul, set, net...”

Eun-Ji opened her eyes and looked around the room. She was in her house, physician's house. She noticed something moving to the sides and tilted her head to see A-ro who was walking back and forth in worry.

“ How do you feel? ” a voice asked.

Eun-Ji looked to her right to see Ji Dwi who was eager to know how she is. She looked into his eyes that are full of worry.

A-ro was silent and couldn't say anything since she's waiting for her answer as well as she sat beside her.

“ I'm fine. ” she sat up. A-ro felt relieved and stood up to get a medicinal tea for her.

Ji Dwi didn't seem satisfied with her answer. He looked at her with arms crossed. Eun-Ji felt his eyes burn her causing her to look at him.

“ Why are you looking at me like that? ” she asked.

“ Are you not well? ”

“ I am well, I assure you. ”

“ Have you been eating well? Have you been sleeping well? ”

“ I'm fine, really. ” Eun-Ji slowly stood up but Ji Dwi caught her wrist then pulled her down. “ What are you... ”

He layed her back down and put the blanket on her body. A-ro had come back with the tea and found herself smiling a little at the sight.  She always wondered. “ Why can't he just go after her?  It is obvious he cares for her more than me. ” A-ro thought to herself. She could never understand why he holds back from Eun-Ji.

“ Does he know she's hurting just as he is? What about her?  Does she know he feels for her too but is holding back? Do they even know about each other's feelings? ”

“ Here. ” she put the tea beside Eun-Ji  who once again sat up to drink it.

Ji Dwi watched Eun-Ji. “ You are the physician, you care for the sick but you don't pay attention to yourself what if your sister wasn't here? No one would know what to do with you. ”

Eun-Ji put the cup down beside her. She sighed. “ I'm not sick. If I was then I would know. ”

“ You fainted earlier and you tell me you're not sick? ” Ji Dwi argued.

A-ro sighed, an argument will start and she knew  it.  So she took Eun-Ji by the hand and checked her pulse.

A-ro was sure her pulse is normal and that she isn't unwell. “ You're completely fine. But why did you faint? ”

“ I don't know. ” She answered. She stood up causing Ji Dwi to follow and stood up too. “ What are you doing? ”

“ Take care if yourself. ” he looked at A-ro and said, “ Tell me if she is doing well. ” he said and left the physician's house.

||Time Skip||

“ I'm curious as to why she fainted if she is well. ”

“ Pe Ha, what if she was poisoned? I can't think of any possible cause for her to faint other than poison... ”

“ Why would she be poisoned? ”

“ Pe Ha, she's showing the symptoms of being the hidden princess. ”

Ji Dwi sighed, clenching his fist. He knew Pa-O was right there's no other reason but it was ridiculous. Who would poison an official physician of Hwarang? It doesn't felt right for him.

“ Look after her. If anyone tries to harm her...” Ji Dwi looked him straight in the eye.
“ kill it, no matter who it is. ” Pa-O could see something different in
Ji Dwi's eyes. “ That is an order. ”

Pa-O bowed. “ I shall obey. ”

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