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09||Dynasty: The Building
“ I'm a physician not a harlot! ”

“ Why didn't you tell me that you're going to be a physician here, Eun-Ji-eonni? ” A-ro pouted.

Eun-Ji sighed and sat down, her back straight. “ I did tell abeoji. ”

“ But you didn't tell me or orabeoni. I know we are not really siblings but, we care, especially orabeoni, even if you two aren't close. ” she crossed her arms.

Eun-Ji sighed again and looked down.
“ If I told you or your brother, what difference does that make? ”

A-ro looked up as if thinking. “ He did get angry of me coming here-”

“ Exactly. I don't want anyone getting in my way. I want this. Atleast I have something better to do than to stay with abeoji while you are here, I can look after you...well, Sun Woo and I. ”

A-ro smiled, knowingly. “ I knew you cared. ”

Eun-Ji scoffed and sent her a small smile. “ Yeah, I do. And there are no other lady here. Better two than one. You tell me if there's someone bothering you, okay? ”

A-ro nodded continuously with a smile, loving her new sister. “ I will tell you first. ”

“ Great, and if we can't handle it, we'll tell Sun Woo. ” Eun-Ji grinned.

A-ro hugged her. Eun-Ji was surprised but pat her back anyway. “ I know you just met him, but can you please get close with him? ”

“ Sure. ”

|| Time Skip||

난 한참을
머믓 거리고 있어
다가올 시간 앞에
막연한 기대와
곡종 사이를
열도 번도 더 오가며
시간은 자꾸
바를 재촉하고
우린 어느새
길의끝자락에 있어...”
Eun-Ji sang as she organize the room, checking the medicines and cleaning the place with a smile on her lips.

Her eyes was bright and she sees the world in a different way, right at this moment. She's feeling so light and bright. 

She hummed the tone happily and decided to open the doors to let the fresh air inside the room. She twirled around and slid the two door apart, opening it.  She felt the fresh air rush in and moved to the other door to open it.

“ Aigoo! ” she gasped. Standing in front of her was Ji Dwi who looked at her with no emotion on his face.

Eun-Ji felt her heart skip and her breathing became hitched. It was the same person who stared at her the other day. Not to mention the person she had a staring contest with. Her face flushed but she smiled anyway.

“ How can I help you? ” she asked.

Ji Dwi took a second to memorize her face. “ I am looking for A-ro, the physician. ” he said.

Eun-Ji's smile fell. A-ro knew him first, but she shrugged at the thought. “ I'm sorry, she's a bit preoccupied and I don't know where she is. ” she looked up at him, feeling sorry.

Ji Dwi saw the sympathy in her eyes and couldn't help but scoff.

Suddenly, her face lit up again. “ Don't worry, I'm a physician too. ” she smiled at him and reached up to touch his forehead.

Ji Dwi took a step back, surprised by her action but she managed to touch his forehead. He felt as if her touch burn but in a good way, he looked down at her with curiosity as she took his  wrist and felt for his pulse.

She pouted a bit but smiled anyway.
“ You are fine-I mean not sick, are you the one in need of assistance? ” she looked up.

“ Yes, I am. ”

She narrowed her eyes at him and stepped back. “ You aren't here for a physician, are you? You are here for A-ro. ” she crossed her arms.

“ What if I am? ” he asked as he took a step closer to her, his eyes searching for challenge.

Eun-Ji looked up at his eyes without hesitation or fear. “ What are your business with her? ”

“ Why do you care? ”

“ Because I don't want a creep following her around, you've made a bad impression. ”

“ Well, how bad? What do you think of me? ” he inched closer, expecting her to step back.

Eun-Ji could feel his warm breath on her face and sighed. “ I think you're dangerous. ”

“ Are you scared? ” he asked. Their faces were only inches apart but no one dared to back away.

“ Who wouldn't be?  You're dangerously close, it's not normal. Look, you aren't sick or anything,
A-ro's not here so you can leave. ” she turned around and walked away.

Ji Dwi walked inside the room and laid down on the bed. Eun-Ji turned around to see him looking at her.

“ Yah, what are you doing? That's only for patients. ”

“ I haven't slept for days. ”

Eun-Ji grew concerned and furrowed her brows. “ That is not healthy. ”

“ Help me sleep. ” he patted the space beside him.

Eun-Ji looked aghast. “ I-I...what do you mean help you? ”

Ji Dwi sighed and grabbed her wrist, pulling her beside him.

“ Yah! ”

“ You are a physician, help a patient. ”

Eun-Ji scoffed. “ Are you serious? ” she stood up.

Ji Dwi sat up and grabbed her wrist as he look up at her. “ You happily treat people who have worse case scenario than me yet you disagree to help me sleep, you said it yourself, it's not healthy. ”

Eun-Ji looked aghast as she look at him. “ Yah! I'm a physician not a harlot! ” she exclaimed and ran out of the room with her hands covering her chest.

Ji Dwi watched as she leave. He looked down and scoffed. He didn't know if he'll be annoyed for having her think of his request as a perverted act. He smiled to himself. She is a funny one.

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