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34|| Dynasty : The Building
“ Getting Deadly. ”

Kim Eun-Ji

“ You can't just step out of your life to a new one! ”

We will reunite soon Ji Eun... ”

“ He and you shall wed in the near future, no matter what...”

“ Do not say anything, your lies will only keep on piling up... ”

“ The King is within Hwarang... ”

“ Gongjunim? ”

I blinked a few times and look at
Mi Sun. It seems like she had been standing there calling me for quite some time.

“ Shall I get the physician? ” she asked.

“ Do not bother, I rather you get me a brush and a parchment. ”

The servant bowed and left to find the things I asked for. I sighed. I do not feel like myself anymore, people address me as Princess Ji Eun, there is a possibility that I will never leave this place and continue to lie to live and eventually marry someone who doesn't even love me.

Who is Eun-Ji? Eun-Ji lives in a mansion, she is the heiress to a cosmetic company, her father is dead and her mother doesn't care about her.

Now, if I look at myself in a mirror, I will not recognize the lady that will look back at me. The lady who wears high class clothings and accessories inlaid with jade or gemstones, the lady who have a servant, the lady who will wed a King, the lady who lies to keep herself alive, the lady who betrays.

I looked down at my hand that was on the table. I clenched my hand into a fist as the other dug its nails on the wooden chair I had been sitting on.

“ E-Eun-Gongjunim...”

I looked up to see A-ro, she almost called me by my name. She stood there looking unsure of what to do.

“ Sit. ”

A-ro sat opposite of me anxiously and waited for me to speak.

“ I am not going to ask you what you know, instead I ask of you not to reveal anything. ”

A-ro looked up and nodded. “ N-ne. ”

“ You shall not make any mistakes,
A-ro. You and your Father's life depends on how well and how long I remain as her. ”

“ I promise, I will not do anything to interfere with your plan. ”

“ Stay close to Sun Woo as much as possible. ”

“ Ne, Gongjunim. ”

I watched as she look down at her lap, there is no doubt she is gripping the fabric of her dress.

“ Gongjunim, here is the brush and the parchment you asked for. ” Mi Sun held the brush and parchment.

I glanced at her. Suspicion rushed through me. I darted my eyes on the ground. I couldn't trust anyone. I stood up and made my way outside the physician's house with Mi Sun trailing behind me.

“ Gongjunim? Do you wish to write out here in the open? ” I could sense the confusion dripping in her voice.

“ I am sure you find it rather strange of me to write out here in the open while there is a table inside the physician's house. ”

Mi Sun looked down, regretting her question earlier.

I put my hands behind me and turned to her. “ There is no need for that, I have decided to go and have a meeting with the Queen. ”

Mi Sun looked up at me hesitantly. Just by that, she is probably contemplating whether or not to look me in the eye.

“ Shall I get the horses ready now, Gongjunim? ”

“ It is better if you would prepare  different clothes for me to wear. I intend to go in the palace discreetly. ”

Mi Sun bowed and started to walk but she barely took a step before I spoke.
“ We leave at night, make sure you try to blend in with the shadows with your clothing. ”

She bowed again and went on her way. I sighed inwardly. “ I swear this is getting serious. I feel like I am about to drop off a corpse in the middle of the night. ”

|| Time Skip ||

Night came and Mi Sun started helping me put on a high class clothing with blue and purple color patterns. I stood still as she carefully put something that resembles a hat in my time. The hat was fashionable I'll admit. The hat have a long black veil covering it.

Mi Sun took a step back to take a good look at me. I could see the corners of her lips twitch upwards as she bow in order to hide it.

“ What is it? ” I asked, raising a brow.

She slowly looked up, knowing she was caught.

I brought my hand up and pushed my fingers through the slit of the veil and lightly pulled the veil aside to make an opening for my face.

“ Y-you look pretty, gongjunim. ” she stuttered. “ N-not that you don't always, in fact you are always pretty. ”

I let go of the veil and let my hand fall to my side as the veil fall back to it's place, hiding my face from possible onlookers from a distance. I sighed inaudibly. “ Is that what you are going to wear? Atleast hide your face. ”

Mi Sun bowed and took a hat similar to mine but with a short and plain black veil that hides only her face and half of her neck.

We managed to get to the stable discreetly by walking in the shadows.

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