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24||Dynasty : The Building
" More problems. "

The doors of Hwarang House opened and out came Eun-Ji with an annoyed expression. She was surprised at how she reacted to Ji Dwi when he talked about something so personal, but she was more surprised that he knew about that. She sighed abd felt a wave of dizziness hit her. She blinked and decided to get An Ji.

|| Time Skip ||

Eun-Ji watched with no emotion as
An Ji feel for her pulse with closed eyes. She had been thinking of possibilities in the future, what he will say after feeling her pulse; he'll open his eyes and tell her she had been poisoned or in a bad state, sick, etcetera, etcetera, anything that will be an obstacle for her and her plans.

An Ji opened his eyes and looked at Eun-Ji who was waiting for him to say something. " You are healthy. Did you eat or drink anything that day? "

" Only the things that I prepared myself. " Eun-Ji answered in a monotone voice. " It is not possible me to be poisoned, who would poison a physician like me? "

" You are not poisoned nor sick. "

Eun-Ji clasped her hands.

" Tell me if you feel unwell. " An Ji said.

Eun-Ji looked down. She feels as if there's something she can't remember.

|| Time Skip ||

A-ro sat beside Eun-Ji who had been staring in the distance. She hesitantly put her hand on Eun-Ji's.

Eun-Ji looked at her then looked down. She slowly pulled her hand away from A-ro's hand.

" What is bothering you? "

Eun-Ji looked ahead. " I feel like I'm forgetting or losing something but I don't know what that is. "

" You are just tired. You need to smile sometimes. "

Eun-Ji sighed.

||Time Skip ||

Eun-Ji sat on the wooden chair, watching the performance. She had to admit, she had been bored and had been waiting for the actual performance of the Hwarang.

She looked to the side to see the Queen touch her head as if in pain and left. Eun-Ji saw the worried look on Sook Myung's face and finally stood up to follow the Queen.

||Time Skip ||

" Are you feeling unwell, pe ha? "

" I am only in need of a quiet place. " The Queen answered.

Eun-Ji smiled a little.

" How are you in Hwarang house? "

" I am well. Everything is going fine, pe ha. "

The Queen smiled then her smile faded, remembering something.
" Sam Maek Jong does not want Sook Myung to be his bride. "

Eun-Ji looked up at her with furrowed brows. " What will you do then, pe ha? "

The Queen's smile came back. " If he does not want Sook Myung to be his bride, then you will be. Since you are quite close to him. "

Eun-Ji grew silent. She hadn't expected it.

" Is there a problem? " The Queen asked.

" Aniyo, Pe ha. "

The Queen smiled and chuckled softly. " You are a good daughter, Ji Eun. "

Eun-Ji bowed with a smile but in her mind, she had been troubled. " I will take my leave, Pe ha. "

The Queen nodded gladly.

|| Time Skip ||

Eun-Ji sat on the wooden bench with a sigh. It seems like her problems get stacked up every single day. First, Sook Myung yearning for her attention, next, Soo Ho's feelings for her and Ji Dwi mingling with her emotions, now, she is to marry a king? And she forgot, she had to find out who the King is and right now all she have are clues and suspicions.

People started talking at the same time, irritating Eun-Ji in the process. She snapped back to reality and looked up to see the hwarangs playing some unlikely instruments.

Suddenly, it started she saw the familiar faces of the hwarangs she knew so well. A small smile planted itself on her lips as she watch Soo Ho and Ji Dwi perform. Ji Dwi catched her looking while he dance and felt satisfied, knowing that she is watching.

She notices Hansung and Yeo Wool too but her eyes lingered longer on Ban Ryu but she wasn't smiling. She was looking at him like she was the Queen. Unpleasant words about him have reached her ears and that includes the way he talked about A-ro becoming his concubine. She looked at him as if threatening him. Sun Woo on the other hand was watched by her in a less threatening way.

When the performance ended, everyone was cheering and clapping, the ladies scream while clapping. Everyone was standing and hugging, except for Eun-Ji who clapped with a smile while standing.

These boys aren't just swords and handsomeness, they have talent as well.

|| Time Skip ||

The event ended beautifully and
Eun-Ji looked around to search for
A-ro who was nowhere to be seen.

" She didn't even tell me she was going to leave... " she shook her head to the sides and started walking.

Suddenly, Eun-Ji felt watched. She stopped walking and looked behind her to see only walking people about to leave. Eun-Ji looked to the sides and found no one. She felt scared. She started walking fast towards the hwarangs while looking from left to right and behind her.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed her forehand, making her gasp and look at the person. She sighed in relief when she saw it was just Hansung.

" Are you alright, nuna? " Hansung asked, curiosity written on his face.

Eun-Ji sighed and blinked a few times while looking around. " I-I am fine. "
" Hansung, have you seen A-ro? "

Hansung shook his head to the sides.

Eun-Ji nodded and looked around. She remained close to the hwarangs as she look around. The feeling of being watched not fading away.

She hoped she had brought her sword with her. She then felt like scolding herself. What is the point of learning swordsmanship if you don't bring your sword with you? She felt ashamed, the Queen is giving her the best teachers to have her learn swordsmanship but she doesn't even use it.

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