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27|| Dynasty : The Building
All that we said, all that we are. ”

Eun-Ji sat quietly, still thinking. She knew she can't let him die, it doesn't feel right for her.

“ What are you thinking of? ”

Eun-Ji sharply turned to look behind her. Sook Myung stood behind here as she look at the distance. Eun-Ji let her guard down as she sigh in relief. She turned to look at the flowing water.

Sook Myung sat down beside her. She looked at Eun-Ji and slowly reached for her shoulder to give her a pat. Eun-Ji was surprised when Sook Myung patted her shoulder. She looked at her in confusion.

“ I know you don't accept me as your sister yet but...I want to help you. Is there anything I can do to make you feel better, eonni? ” Sook Myung asked.

Eun-Ji sighed, looking down.
“ T-The... ” she sighed again. “ S-Sam Maek Jong... ” she muttered.

Sook Myung felt as if she had been splashed by cold water upon hearing that name from her sister. “ What about him? ” she asked. “ Did you find him? ”

Eun-Ji sighed. “ Aniyo... ” she looked up. “ I...”  she looked down and sighed once again. Sook Myung could see how much it bothered her. She slowly reached out and lightly wrapped her arms around Eun-Ji.

Eun-Ji didn't flinch or moved away. Sook Myung don't usually hug anyone but she knew how to, she hesitated at first but she moved closer to Eun-Ji and gave her a warm hug. Eun-Ji could feel her hesitation through her body that is tensed. She guessed she doesn't usually hug anyone. Eun-Ji too wasn't used to hugging people but she decided to cut her some slack and accepted her hug by laying her head on Sook Myung's shoulder. Sook Myung relaxed when Eun-Ji layed her head on her shoulder. She smiled a bit.

“ Mother chose me as his bride... ” Eun-Ji mumbled.

Sook Myung was surprised. “ Is your heart already taken? ” she asked.

Eun-Ji laughed a little. “ Even if it is, his heart beats for someone else. ”

“ Who is he? You can have him. ”

Eun-Ji scoffed. “ If you are thinking of using your power as a Princess, don't. I may have him but I will never have his heart. ”

Sook Myung felt sorry for Eun-Ji. She looked down and patted her lightly.
“ What can I do? ”

“ I might as well act like a real princess knowing that I am betrothed to a King. I might as well start accepting it. ”

“ I shall help you. ” Sook Myung answered.

|| Time Skip||

“ How is this supposed to help me? ” Eun-Ji asked as she reach out to touch her well groomed hair.

Sook Myung forced her to wear a high class clothing and put accessories on her hair. She even used some kind of make up in their time.

“ You need not just act like a princess, you must dress like a princess as well. As a princess, you should do everything you are obliged to do. We are not allowed to show weakness to the people. ”

“ Therefore we should show no emotion. ” Eun-Ji added.

Sook Myung nodded and stepped back to take a good look at Eun-Ji. “ Now, you look like an actual princess. ” 

Eun-Ji sent her a small smile which she returned. “ The People desperately wait for the King as much as they do to the Princess. They do not know that the Princess they have been waiting for is walking among them. ”

Eun-Ji darted her eyes to the ground.
“ If only you knew... ”

|| Time Skip ||

Sook Myung sent the Queen a letter, letting her know of Eun-Ji stepping out of the shadows and into the world. Eun-Ji thought it through. Everything is going as she planned.

|| Time Skip ||

Queen Ji So put the paper down on her desk with a smile on her lips.
“ It is time Silla gets to know the Princess. ” she thought to herself happily.
“ Did she find Sam Maek Jong? ” she thought again.

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