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41||Dynasty:The Building
“ A story untold. ”

“ I'm sorry to have burden you with my affairs as a member of the sacred family. ” Ji Eun, the real Ji Eun looked down.

Eun-Ji furrowed her brows, looking at her. “ It is more of an opportunity than a curse. Because of your death, I had a place to belong to, people to call a family, and I had endless opportunities. Not that I was thankful of your...”

Ji Eun laughed, it was a soft, lady's laugh. “ I understand, you do not wish ill upon me nor to anyone else, please be comfortable. ”

Eun-Ji nodded. “ Oh, thank you,
G-gongjunim. ”

“ You may call me Ji Eun, as I am no longer the Princess people thinks. Besides, you have proved yourself to be a better princess than me. My death wasn't in vain after all. ”

“ What do you mean? ”

Ji Eun sighed, looking at the grass.
“ I cannot remember how I lost my life, but I do know that I had a family. ”

“ A-ro and... ”

“ Aniyo, I do not speak of them. I speak of my mother, she was a part of the Won Hwa. ”

Eun-Ji widened her eyes. “ Tell me more. ”

Ji Eun stopped walking and turned to Eun-Ji. “ I'd love to, however I do not remember anything anymore, It seems my purpose is not only to lead you to your path, I may be obligated to tell you what remains of my memories as well. ” she continued walking with the young lady and began speaking. “ My mother is a kind woman, she is a friend of the Queen as well, however, they are being manipulated by fate, Queen Ji So had no choice but to end my mother's life. Eomeoni begged for the Queen to spare her life as the blade that has been slowly burying itself in my mother's flesh will not only kill a poor woman but an innocent unborn child as well. ”

“ T-the Queen...killed your mother? Ho-Wha-... ” Eun-Ji felt overwhelmed and confused.

“ Ne. ” Ji Eun nodded. “ I watched her die discreetly. Queen Ji So was a kind woman, she was only tainted by that act, it was inevitable and I do not blame her, at least not anymore. When she finally killed my mother, she came running to me, she was suffering inside, she did not speak of her crime, instead she embraced me with her tainted hands and cried, she made a vow to take care of me, at first I was dying to kill her, make her suffer like my family did, and yet I realised she is not a bad person, she is a mother, loving mother who wishes nothing but good things to meet her child in it's wake. I forgave her without her knowing. ”

Eun-Ji looked down, feeling sorry. “ How...could you forgive so easily? ” she was curious because she doesn't forgive, she just forget but hold grudges anyway.

Ji Eun chuckled, “ I received the greatest light that enlightened me. The world is a place for everyone, if you look closely, freedom is in the corner, people only set rules that are foolish to restrict others, it may sound foolish but it is the thing that keeps order present in a place, a world without restrictions sounds scary to me, in the end, people only do things they think are right. No matter how big their sins are, they are still people. Hurting one another is unavoidable. ” Ji Eun explained.

“ So...the Queen kills your mother and sibling, and... ” Eun Ji trailed off, not having the will to stand the lady's wisdom.

“ Aniyo. ” Ji Eun shook her head. “ My brother lived. And if you ask me, I would not have it the other way. He grew up to be such a man, a man with principles and I could not be more proud. ”

“ This brother you speak of...who is he? ” Eun Ji felt curiosity envelope her.

“ He is the one who poses as a commoner, Sun Woo. ”

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