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51||Dynasty: The Ending
A little too late. ”

Soo Ho watched Ji Dwi as he knelt to Eun-Ji's side, clutching her hands.

Eun-Ji's eyes shot open all of a sudden.

Soo Ho's eyes widen and his breath hitched.

Ji Dwi gasped in surprise.

“ You look like you've seen a ghost. ” she darted her eyes to Soo Ho. “ Both of you. ”

“ You scared me. ” Ji Dwi sighed. “ How are you feeling? ”

“ Itching to get up. ”

“ You shouldn't. ”

“ I'm fine. ” she sat up and put her feet on the ground.

“ Fear not, we'll protect you. ” Soo Ho assured the lady, sharing a look with the King.

“ No, I'll save you. ” she asserted. Looking at Ji Dwi to Soo Ho.

Ji Dwi furrowed his brows in confusion.

“ Eo? ” Soo Ho raised a brow.

Eun-Ji smiled at them.
“ Both of you...”



“ Should rest. ”

Ji Dwi opened his mouth to speak only for her to silence him with her index finger.

Soo Ho stepped back to his post as quietly as he can, not wanting to be a third-wheel.

Again, she smiled.

There was something hidden behind her eyes. Ji Dwi knew it, there was something she's hiding but he was hesitant to what it is.

Eun-Ji planted a kiss on his forehead.
She looked at him for probably the last time and took in the sight. His features, his eyes, his lips, everything that remind led her that he was real. That he was loving her, that she was loved despite who she is, his clothes that seemed to always look good on him—a battle gear.

It was her turn to be confused.

“ Some unknown group is attempting to kill you. ”

Eun-Ji looked him at his eyes, shocked.

He sent her a warm smile and touched her cheek. “ Do not worry, I'll protect you, we will protect you. ”

|| Time Skip||

Eun-Ji wasted no time and sneaked out of the palace. She had asked A-ro to get something irrelevant and asked Soo Ho to escort her despite his hesitation. Then she made her escape.

She went to the Queen's quarters to find her sitting in front of her desk, lost in thought. She etched the sight in her memory, she had become like a mother to her, she was fierce but she cared.

Then, she ran, she ran to the forest and to the tomb. She had been running for hours courtesy of the tomb being well-hidden deep in the forest.

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