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Lovesick by AllieHedwig
Lovesickby Allie
-Book 1- Quarantine Love - A story about two lost souls who happen to meet each other at the most ordinary place, in the most simplest way. Will their spark become a fla...
HWARANG- The Visitor by youngjaesclasss
HWARANG- The Visitorby yoitsjeongjan
A story where Agape, a girl from Greece finds the Kingdom of Silla and faces new challenges.. *I don't own any of the Hwarang characters except Agape. *pretend I'm conti...
HWARANG Rewritten✅ by reachingforthestars9
HWARANG Rewritten✅by Oindrila
Park Young-shil's daughter, Sa-do has lived a hidden life. No one knows of her existence. But everything has a limit, even her anonymous life. So when Sa-do sees the not...
‼️VERY SLOW UPDATE‼️ This is my version of a sequel to the famous Korean drama THE INHERITORS. ‼️AUTHOR'S NOTE‼️ The storyline is solely based on my imagination only. H...
Timeless Ballad (Jinheung Fanfiction) by Hermioneeatsbooks2
Timeless Ballad (Jinheung Hermioneeatsbooks2
"You want to describe me as a person? Go ahead. I am all ears." Jinheung let out a chuckle. "You are like snow. When snow falls, the environment becomes w...
The King's Lady [Hwarang Fanfic ; Kim Jidwi + Park Hyungsik] by redrubyjeans
The King's Lady [Hwarang Fanfic ; k e i 🎠
"Was it my fault that I traveled through time and ended up with a jerk like you?!" I yelled out in frustration after being dragged by the man in front of me. B...
Kdrama Imagines by TejalGhanwat
Kdrama Imaginesby TejalGhanwat
•Requests are open• All your romantic imagination is here guys. K-actors are on different level so a different ff for them. Enjoy~
《 We Got Married || P. Hyungsik 》 by KPopxKDramaLover
《 We Got Married || P. Hyungsik 》by KPopxKDramaLover
When MBC decided to bring back it's iconic reality program " We Got Married ", they had to choose their first couple wisely on order not to deceive the fans. ...
🍁 My prince 🍁 || Park hyungsik  by btslifeu555
🍁 My prince 🍁 || Park hyungsik by ✨Iced coffee✨
"You promised *beep m *beep me *beep* *beep*" I didn't manage to hear the rest... because everything turned black.. A mini fan fiction/fluff Park Hyung-sik x r...
Happiness  FemaleOc x Jung Yi Hyun  by Soobinae-
Happiness FemaleOc x Jung Yi Hyun by Soobinae-
FemaleOc x Jung Yi hyun When Seoyeon and Yi hyun got stuck in their new apartment during zombie apocalypse I don't own any character expect Seoyeon "Spoilers ahe...
Kdrama & Kpop Imagines {CLOSED!} by ChoiMinhoWife
Kdrama & Kpop Imagines {CLOSED!}by ɪꜱʜᴀɴᴀ
˚ ༘♡ ⋆。˚ come live in your dreamland. kdrama character/idol * reader/oc requests accepted. started - september 2020 ended - may 2021 requests - accepting ::...
Behind These Walls | Park Banryu by rubyrider06
Behind These Walls | Park Banryuby 𝙧𝙪𝙗𝙮
A girl fighting for justice is conflicted when she meets the cold-hearted Banryu. Confused with her feelings she attempts to get closer to Banryu but soon stops when she...
Your eyes tell🌟 ||Ot7 Bts ✔️ by SugaynArmy
Your eyes tell🌟 ||Ot7 Bts ✔️by SugaynArmy
y/n : When d-did I say that i-i lo-ve yo-you guys ???: You just did Y/n : but I didn't me-an t-that ?? : Your eyes tell , your eyes mean Princess y/n a simple sweet...
MinJae Rang  by JenDansStansBangtans
MinJae Rang by JenDansStansBangtans
Park HyungSik FF/Hwarang FF Testing this FF out got a couple chapters but don't know if people will like it. Want to add 21+ but something to consider in contextual time...
The Lonely Angel || Hwarang || *DISCONTINUED* by Chocoholic0806
The Lonely Angel || Hwarang || * ♔ℂ𝕒𝕝𝕝𝕚𝕠𝕡𝕖♔
"I promised to protect you, so why are you drifting further away from me?"
different worlds// hwarang by pvrktae
different worlds// hwarangby pvrktae
you just got sucked into your favourite drama - lower case intended hwarang x reader
Angel In Hwarang by guccitaenation
Angel In Hwarangby Stella
I'm here to break all the secrets of the regent
I Am Dead, Am I? (HWARANG X Male Reader) by jrcatzuARMY
I Am Dead, Am I? (HWARANG X Male JR Catzu
Y/N is a simple guy with minimum wage job and lives in a crappy apartment. Struggling living life as an adult and by himself. One eventful night which led him to a spira...
Hwarang [REWRITING] by xxilaoweii
Hwarang [REWRITING]by 魈
☢WARNING! DO NOT TOUCH YOUR TELEVISION WHILE IT IS PLAYING A DRAMA Original but Pirated Started: April 4, 2017 Completed: August 12, 2017 Fake but more real Started: Mar...
Loving an Heiress by starb82
Loving an Heiressby starb82
An heiress on the loose! When the no:1 woman magazine in South Korea was declining in revenue, the chairman of the group was desperate in getting his grand-children to t...