Dynasty: The Building  by Queen_Selenium
Dynasty: The Building by Queen_Selenium
Kim Eun-Ji , a simple girl in the present time gets thrown back in the past for a reason she doesn't know. Not having the slightest bit of clue of getting back to the pr...
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  • choiminho
  • lies
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Realιѕм »« Looĸιѕм х Ғeм! Reader  by TooWeird4You
Realιѕм »« Looĸιѕм х Ғeм! Reader by « Ѕaм »
re·al·ism ˈrē(ə)ˌlizəm/Submit noun the attitude or practice of accepting a situation as it is and being prepared to deal with it accordingly. •••••• "You're not jus...
  • readerxcharacter
  • xreader
  • romance
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The life as a idol *(Kpop ff)* ●[UNDER EDITING]● by BTSEXO9795
The life as a idol *(Kpop ff)* ●[ Park Yoon Dae
(Highest rank in Fanfiction, #228!??) Park Shina, a 17 year old girl that is blessed with beauty and talents. She can sing as beautiful as an angel, she can dance perfec...
  • bts
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  • namjoohyuk
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Guardian Angel - Hwarang by ongingdong
Guardian Angel - Hwarangby fan chingchong
Not really good at descriptions but.... y/n is your average kpop fangirl, but things change when she's dragged into the world of Hwarang as their trainer and teach them...
  • humour
  • redandgoldbtsaward
  • hwarang
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The CEO's Son (PARK HYUNG SIK) by kasialeestories
The CEO's Son (PARK HYUNG SIK)by •Kasia Lee•
And I thought we were going to last forever.... ---- He pulled me into his embrace and caressed my hair. Hyungsik:"Don't leave, I beg you." WARNING/DISCLA...
  • park
  • actor
  • phs
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Across the Misty road (love in the moonlight season 2) by beenu_yehara
Across the Misty road (love in beenu
Prince Lee Yong fell in love with a eunuch who served him without knowing what is happening to him. But before anything goes more further he got to know that he was a sh...
  • historical
  • moonlightdrawnbyclouds
  • joseon
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The Lonely Angel || Hwarang || by Chocoholic0806
The Lonely Angel || Hwarang ||by Cassiopeia♠
"I promised to protect you, so why are you drifting further away from me?" WARNING: SLOW UPDATES
  • parkhyunsik
  • choyoonwoo
  • bts
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That Nerd Is A Bitch by MsTeriousLady_
That Nerd Is A Bitchby Shaira L
[Highest Ranking #3 out of 90+ stories of Lee Sung-kyung] Isang babaeng model/Heiress na nag ngangalang 'Sayra Cassiefer Avelino Yee' ang mapag titripan ang kanyang sari...
  • nerd
  • exosuho
  • straykidsjeongin
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화랑 - a tale of curiosity [ON HOLD] by simply0nay
화랑 - a tale of curiosity [ON HOLD]by 네
this book is temporarily ON HOLD until i can get back into the flow of things - sometime near the start of next year - my sincerest apologies to all my faithful readers...
  • dojihan
  • parkseojoon
  • goara
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Alam Niya Ba? [Completed]√√ by LiamWolfe
Alam Niya Ba? [Completed]√√by John Harry Lemuel James Gabri...
Hindi ko inasahan na ang gangster na tulad ni Gabrielle pa ang napili ko. Eventhough paminsan-minsan lang siya sweet. Totoo nga ang sabi nila na "The More You Hate...
  • vbts
  • paoloavelino
  • joongkook
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My Foolish Heart by Sultry_Heiress
My Foolish Heartby Sultry_Heiress
France is really disappointed on his dad, na dahil sa pagkaloko nito sa sugal ay kailangan niya ngayong magpakasal sa isang lalaki... Alam naman ni France na...
  • parkseojoon
  • oppa
  • teenfiction
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My Slave,My Love by burn_princess
My Slave,My Loveby Rose Ann Deguzman
#790 in Teen Fiction Park Chanyeol as Zandrick Justine Kim Moon Ga Young as Ella Louise Park. What if isang araw bigla kang maging slave ng anak ng may ari ng school na...
  • jeykha
  • trisclaire
  • lhyrianne
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Loving You | Strong Woman Do Bong Soon by -bluejeaned
Loving You | Strong Woman Do aiyanna ✧
"i hate that no matter how hard i try, i still love you." in guk doo & original character @-bluejeaned©
  • ahnminhyuk
  • jisoo
  • dobongsoon
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Secret Revealed (Hwarang Jidwi/Sunwoo) by dawinabieber
Secret Revealed (Hwarang Jidwi/ shamine
"Why haven't you kill me yet?" "Why haven't you reveal my identity to the rest?" - Jidwi "Because for now the people still needs their king. I...
  • seojoon
  • ah-ro
  • banryu
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I Love You Forever by SweetHersheyy
I Love You Foreverby SwitHershi💕
Loving you was one of the best decisions of my life.
  • love
  • patience
  • parkhyungsik
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Strong Woman Do bong soon - A sequel by K-lover_ANI
Strong Woman Do bong soon - A Abby
♦ This is a sequel to Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Since we couldn't get enough of Ahn min hyuk and Do bong soon in just 16 episodes, I will be writing just a few more rom...
  • parkhyungsik
  • ahnminhyuk
  • jisoo
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Hwarang <REWRITING> by taetaelodi
Hwarang by 뵈
☢WARNING! DO NOT TOUCH YOUR TELEVISION WHILE IT IS PLAYING A DRAMA Original but Pirated Started: April 4, 2017 Completed: August 12, 2017 Fake but more real Started: Mar...
  • parkhyunsik
  • choyoonwoo
  • yeowool
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Queen of Hwarang by silverdropck
Queen of Hwarangby 唐元静
The princess of two kingdoms, yet you dominate the hearts of many. The Queen of Hwarang, and the fate of the three kingdoms rests in front of you. War will soon break ou...
  • sammaekjong
  • yeowool
  • vxreader
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|| Rude Awakening || by memorizedsightings
|| Rude Awakening ||by ♥ relle ♥
Hyungsik starts to contemplate the reason why he got married when he wakes up and realizes that he didn't sleep in his own bed. And along the way, Hyungsik's friends ha...
  • hyungsik
  • luminousawards
  • ambw
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Crimson Legend || Hwarang by akia_huneey
Crimson Legend || Hwarangby Y o o n h e e
"I am in love with the Faceless King. There was not a day nor night when I wasn't thinking of him." -------- "Don't go near her, don't look at her, do...
  • kpop
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