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36|| Dynasty : The Building
“ Relationships. ”

Eun-Ji jumped and got on her horse. She sighed in annoyance and looked around for the servant, Mi Sun. She saw her running to her.

“ I have been waiting for a long time, do you wish to disrespect me? ” the words rolled off of her tongue in hindsight, Eun-Ji cursed to herself, she did not mean to say that, she was just tired and had a lot of things in her mind.

To Mi Sun, her words were like venom that stung her chest but she pushed it aside since she must be going through a lot. Furthermore, she must be facing a grave danger and she knew it and with other troublesome events that had happened, she figured the Princess must be going through a lot and hides it with her tough exterior. “ Gongjunim, the Queen requests for your presence. Jwoesonghamnida, I made you wait, I shall accept your punishment. ” she bowed, panting.

Eun-Ji ignored the small feeling that made her chest hurt seeing the small girl bowing while catching her breath, and to think that she will accept punishment from her made her feel like a horrible person. She pushed the feeling aside and got off her horse.
“ Catch your breath before you follow me. ” Eun-Ji turned to walk but stopped and look back at Mi Sun.
“ Perhaps, it is better if you stay here. ” she added and walked away.

Mi Sun nodded, not having enough breath to speak. She watched as the Princess walked with such elegance. Her fellow servants used to ask her what it was like to serve the Princess.
She cannot find a word to describe it but now she can. She knew she had a slight pity for the Princess in her heart but there is also a bit of an adoration, she look up at her for being a strong woman like the Queen and the other Princess but possibly a woman with a heart.

|| Time Skip ||

“ Do you really wish to hide your current situation from me? ”

“ I beg your pardon? ” Eun-Ji was confused.

“ You coughed up blood before you fell unconscious last night and you did not bother to tell me. ” Ji So looked at her accusingly.

“ Daehu Jonha- ”

“ You cannot be wed to Jinheung if you are dead, have you forgotten or are you that incognizant of the danger you are in? ” Ji So cut her off.

“ I... ”

“ You shall not return to Hwarang House without having a physician treat you. ”

Eun-Ji looked down.
“ Jwoesonghamnida, eomeoni. I shall see the healer An Ji-Gong. ”

Queen Ji So sighed outwards, feeling a weight being lifted off of her shoulders. Now, she wouldn't have to worry about the physician of the royal family possibly poisoning Ji Eun.

|| Time Skip ||

An Ji looked up to see Eun-Ji walk in his house. He stood up and watched her anxiously.

“ What happened? ” he asked. He didn't know what's happening to her anymore.

|| Time Skip ||

Eun-Ji sat improperly on the ground, her eyes was on the desk infront of her. An Ji sat opposite to her while he check her pulse with closed eyes. He stiffened, her pulse was faint.

“ It is faint. ” he muttered.

Eun-Ji hummed in agreement. A small smile adorning her face.

An Ji pulled his hand back and looked at her in curiosity. He looked down.

“ Had I been a good daughter this past year? ” she asked.

An Ji looked up at her on hesitation. He looked to the side and thought of an answer.

“ Do you think...eomeoni will care about me with an attitude like that? ”
She asked.

“ The Queen is a cruel woman. ” An Ji answered.

Eun-Ji chuckled. “ Not her. ”

An Ji nodded, understanding who she is talking about. He opened his mouth to say something but he doesn't know what to say. He heard a chuckle.

“ I knew it. ”

An Ji looked down. “ What made you wonder about such things? ”

“ I just wondered. Ideas come and go. ” then it hit her.

“ Was it your idea? ”

Eun-Ji furrowed her brows as her breathe hitched. “ I must go. ”
She stood up and made her way to the door.

An Ji grew nervous at her sudden actions and also stood up. “ What is wrong? Is it A-ro? ”

“ A-ro is safe, she is fine. Remember, you already treated me, I will be alright. ” she raised a brow as she remind him before turning to leave.

“ Gongjunim. ” Mi Sun bowed.

“ We must make haste to Hwarang House. ” Eun-Ji commanded, getting on her horse that was standing beside
Mi Sun.

“ Understood. ” Mi Sun agreed and got on her horse.

|| Time Skip ||

Eun-Ji arrived infront of the Gate of Hwarang to see the knights walking out of the Hwarang House. She saw Soo Ho who broke free from
Yeo Wool's arm.

The Hwarangs bowed to her as soon as they lay their eyes on her then made their way to go wherever they want to with a smile on their faces while going back to speaking with their friends. Eun-Ji got off her horse, followed by Mi Sun.

Eun-Ji stroked her horse and turned to her front to see Soo Ho looking at her with a troubling look in his eyes.
She looked up at him with a confident look as he give her a hesitant one. He bowed then walked past her.  She stared at where he once stood, she was expecting him to say something friendly or give her a small smile but he did not.

She turned around and watched him as he walk away from her.

“ Gongjunim? ”

“ What is it? ” She asked, not taking her eyes from Soo Ho.

“ I think I have to inform you about an upcoming event I found out about earlier. ”

“ What event? ”

“ A Sparring Contest within Hwarang House. ”

Eun-Ji grew annoyed. Her knuckles turned white as she clench her hands into fists. She was surprised in a bad way. She sharply turned to Mi Sun with a cold look in her eyes, if Mi Sun hadn't known better,  she would've think the Princess was glaring on her.
“ What Sparring Contest? ”

“ It is a fighting competition wherein the strong oppresses the weak, a fight until the other dies. It is said to be oversaw by Gongju Sook Myung. ”

Eun-Ji sighed in annoyance inaudibly.
People really know when to throw troubles in front of one's way.

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