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15||Dynasty: The Building
“ In my frozen heart. ”

The rest of the day went so slow and so sad to Eun-Ji. Even when she wait for any injured hwarang, her mind is flooded with words, and endless thoughts causing her to feel pity for herself.

She pity herself for being thrown back and being stuck here. At the same time, she pity herself for becoming more human than she ever did before, for becoming so attached to someone out of her league and for being vulnerable. Yes, people can say that it's normal for people to be hurt by love especially by one sided love.

Suddenly she remembered; he is practically a stranger. She just met him, promised to take care of him because of some mistake she did.

And suddenly she just fell and got attached to him.

Eun-Ji meant to laugh but no sound escaped her lips, her shoulders shook and her brows furrowed shakily. She didn't know if she would laugh or cry so she covered her mouth with both her hands.

Then a voice called out to her. You are Kim Eun-Ji, survive. ”

Her thoughts changed in a blink and she stopped laughing or crying or whatever it us she's doing and sat up straight with hands on her lap and eyes looking ahead.

“ Survive... ” she brushed off her pitiful thoughts about herself and decided to help Sun Woo write.

But when she neared the make-believed class room, she heard voices.
“ I told you to stop bringing him up! ”

It was a voice she knew well, a voice which makes her black and white days, awry, a voice that serves as her alarm clock.

She slowly reached to open the door but when her fingers were only inches away from it, she stopped.

“ What is happening? Should I interfere? ”

She couldn't find an answer so she did what she do best. Sneak.

She slowly, gently and quietly opened the door, expecting to see something that will be of use to her but what she saw shook her to the very bottom of her heart.

It was a sight made for those who bears a heart of stone, a sight made to break hearts of stone and shatter cold ones in order for them to beat again and pay for all those they have hurt with their coldness and ignorance.

Ji Dwi was kissing A-ro who was against the wall.

Eun-Ji felt her cold heart shatter and her eyes water. Her shaking hands flew to clutch the fabric on her chest as she wish to grip her shattered heart to try and benumb it again.

She felt as if the air has been knocked out of her chest when her heart shattered.

Ji Dwi seemed to hear Eun-Ji's breath and pulled away from A-ro. He slowly turned around to look at the half opened door behind him. It was obvious that someone saw them and that he or rather she got away with it.

Eun-Ji ran to nowhere in particular. She doesn't know where to go, all she knows is that it hurts.

Tears flowed from her eyes and quiet whimpers escaped her lips as her face finally broke out of her perfect poker mask along with her body which broke out of her perfectly confident posture. She bent forward as small droplets of water fell from the clouds then it started raining.

Her body gave up, causing her to slump on the cold, hard and wet ground. Eun-Ji started crying because of her feelings and out of pity for herself. She can't understand, her skin feels numb but inside, she's drowning in her whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. It feels as if her emotions imploded inside of her. The rain was pouring hard that it's impossible to hear anything aside from its noise. But Eun-Ji alone hears the noise of the rain laced with her whimpers as she bath in the rain laced with her tears.

It was an awry day and a night she'll never forget, a night her humanity woke up, a night her frozen heart broke free from ice and shattered.

같은 하늘 아래
같은 시간 속에
얼마나 울어야
널 잊을까
멈출 수가 없어
숨 쉴 수도 없어
너를 사랑하고 싶은데

거센 바람처럼
스쳐 지나가는
흔한 사랑이라고
난 그렇게 눈 감을래
슬픈 꿈을 꾸듯
깊은 잠에 빠져서
너를 지우고 나면
가슴 시린 눈물만이

얼어버린 내 심장에
오직 한 사람
너를 지우고 나면
가슴 아픈 눈물만이

Under the same sky
In the same time
How much more do I have to cry
To forget you?
I can’t stop
I can’t even breathe
I want to love you

Like the strong wind
This typical love
I wanna think like that and close my eyes
Like dreaming a sad dream
Falling into a deep sleep
After I erase you
Only my aching tears

In my frozen heart
There’s only one person
After I erase you
Only my aching tears

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