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02||Dynasty: The Building
" Nobody knows she existed. "

A-ro was washing their clothes and was tired. She would glance to her side from time to time only to find no one by her side. Not anymore. It has been a month since the death of her sister and she missed her so much. She missed doing all the chores alongside her but when someone is dead, there's no going back.

She sighed deeply. " Eonni...I wish you are still here... " she couldn't help the tears that flowed down and the small whimper that followed, she couldn't help but cry again either. She used her forehands to wipe away her tears and looked up at the clouds. She wiped her tears away again and stood up from the rock. She gathered her possesions and turned to the right to leave.

Suddenly she saw an unconscious girl lying on the rock, the shallow waters around her had turn a light shade of red. Her arms had cuts that are oozing small amount of blood. The sight made A-ro widen her eyes and drop the things she's holding. She ran to the girl's side.

" Are you alright? Wake up! " she lifted the girl's head a little and took a good look at her face.

||Time Skip||

Kim Eun-Ji, fluttered her eyes open only to close them again. The place was a bit bright, brighter than her room.

She slowly sat up with a light groan and looked around the room. It was pleasant and welcoming.

" ...I want to make her stay, Abeoji. She does not look like she have a proper home or life. "

" A-ro, I agree, but we need to ask her who she is and what happened to her, she have a family for sure. "

Eun-Ji furrowed her brows at hearing their conversation and the words they used. She took a deep breath and yawned.

" You are awake. " said a female voice.
She turned to look at her only to be confused. The girl wears a hanbok, and not casual clothes. She eyed her, horrified.

" My name is A-ro, here you should drink this. " she walked closer and handed her a thing which Eun Sun think is a tea. She slowly took it and brought it to her lips, drinking it. It wasn't delicious, but it wasn't bad either, she's going to keep that to herself.

" I am Eun-Ji, and what am I doing here? "

" You were unconscious when I found you. "

" I drowned...you saved me? "

" Not exactly but, yes. Why do you have cuts? What happened to you? Do you remember anything? "

" I drowned...that's all, I don't... "

" That's all right. "

" Where is this place? Why are you wearing that? "

" We are in the capital...and what am I supposed to wear? "

" You are supposed to wear casual clothes...like-" she stopped, looking down and seeing what she wore. She was wearing a blue hanbok.
" Aigoo! What is happening? "

" What do you mean? "

" Did you...did you change...my clothes? " she looked up at A-ro with a horrified expression.

" No...I did not. " A-ro furrowed her brows and felt nervous.

" What... " Eun-Ji whispered and put the tea down. She got up and ran out of the room and went outside.

A-ro following her. " Yah! Come back! You are not yet well! " she called. She ran faster to find Eun Sun.

Eun-Ji stopped running and stood still, looking at the people wearing traditional clothes in different colors.
Her eyes watered.

" Yah! You can't just run out like that! Come on, get inside. " A-ro complained, running to her side.

" Are you playing games with me? "

" Aniyo! Why would I do that? What have I done to make you think that? "

" Tell me everything about this place. " Eun-Ji said firmly.

" I-uh we are in Silla, a-and-"

" Who owns this place? "

" T-The queen. "

" Who? "

A-ro sent her a puzzled look. " Queen Ji So. "

Eun Sun put her hand to her forehead and closed her eyes. She whispered the words Queen Ji So continuously and tried remembering where she heard or write that.

' The regent...Queen Ji So of Silla Dynasty who hid her son, King Jinheung for years who earned the title; The faceless King of Silla... '

" Aigoo, I'm...how did I end up here? "

" What? " A-ro asked.

Eun-Ji let her arm drop to her side and went back to the room she had been, with A-ro following.

" I am going to explain this to you, don't think I'm crazy. All of this is true... "

||Time Skip||

" So-so...you are not from around here? "

" Ne, I don't know how I ended up here...all I know is that I drowned...I don't have a home, a family, whoever... "

" You can stay here as A-ro's elder sister. " Kim An Ji mumbled.

A-ro looked at him with a surprised look. She looked down as if in a deep thought. " Eonni does not go out often, everybody have forgotten...that I had a sister. No one knows she's dead... "

" Nobody knows she existed, therefore no one knows what she look like. " An Ji explained.

Eun-Ji furrowed her brows, she felt sorry. " I'm pretty sure you're sister wouldn't want to be replaced..."

" She would not be replaced. " An Ji said as if lecturing the girl.

||Time Skip ||

" If I am going to stay here, I need to fit in. "

" Yah, Slow down, you can't just step out of your life to a new one. " A-ro complained softly.

Letting out a sigh, Eun-Ji turned to her. " I can't go back, I don't have the slightest bit of clue. I have no choice but to move on. Trust me, I don't want to do this but I have to survive. "

A-ro pouted. " You think like a-"

" I know, don't say it. "

A-ro sighed. " Tomorrow, I will teach you how to fit in. You must drink the tea I gave you so that you won't feel light headed. "

" How about we start now? "

A-ro once again sighed and shook her head. " You are naughty. I will tell you first all the things there is for you to know. "

" Jwoesonghamnida, I just feel the need to fit in fast. I am curious too, I did not pay attention to history too much, I only cared about the future. "

" Aish! Slow down. You might get light headed, don't stress yourself too much. "

" Wah...I'm already annoying you? "

" Aish! "

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