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17||Dynasty: The Building
" The Replacements. "

A-ro took care of Eun-Ji in the physician's place and replaced her temporarily as a physician. Sun Woo and Soo Ho would come back from time to time to check up on Eun-Ji while Ji Dwi stayed away from her. Too confused by his feelings towards her. He likes A-ro, he knew that but he couldn't help but be troubled about his growing feelings for Eun-Ji, he want to get rid of his feelings for her, it's not right when he's currently investigating and suspecting her as
Ji Eun, the princess and his sister.

||Time Skip||

Eun-Ji got better and surprisingly didn't catch a cold. She sighed and listened to the water while doing the laundry.

When she finished, she started hanging the fabrics.

" You shouldn't do this, you know. You just got better and you're already tiring yourself. " said a voice.

Eun-Ji pushed the hanging fabric aside and looked Soo Ho.
" I'm not in the mood to talk right now. "

Soo Ho's eyes widened in surprise. No one ever talked to him like that before, not when he's being nice.
" We don't have to talk anyway. " Soo Ho commented and bent down to grab a fabric to hang.

Eun-Ji watched him with her brows furrowed. " What are you doing? "

" I know that I can't change your mind to rest so I'll just help you so that you don't tire yourself too much. " he put on his charming smile.

Eun-Ji scoffed but sent him a small smile.

Ji Dwi was going to meet A-ro when he saw Eun-Ji and Soo Ho beside the physician's place. They were both hanging fabrics. Eun-Ji didn't smile since she woke up but he saw her smiling with Soo Ho. He clenched his fist and frowned then walked away, not wanting to see the sight.

|| Time Skip||

Eun-Ji and Soo Ho finished hanging the fabrics and took a stroll around hwarang house.

" Why did you faint? Are you sick? " Soo Ho asked, curiosity and concern evident in his face.

Eun-Ji looked up at him then ahead.
" I am not sick. "

" Then why? "

Eun-Ji bit her lower lip. " I can't...no, I don't know. "

Soo Ho stopped walking and turned to her. Eun-Ji just walked causing him to follow her.

" You-"

" Let us forget that I fainted. " Eun-Ji said. " You should go, you shouldn't miss your lessons. " she walked away swiftly and left Soo Ho aghast.

" No thank you or a kiss? " he asked himself. " Aish! " he shook his head to the sides.

||Time Skip||

" Eun-Ji-eonni! " A-ro cried, running to Eun-Ji.

Eun-Ji turned around and took a step back when A-ro embraced her. She looked down at her and put her hand on her back. She heard her cries and became confused.

" Are you-why are you crying? "Eun-Ji held A-ro's shoulders and pushed her slightly to look at her tear stained cheeks.

A-ro sobbed even more and embraced her. Eun-Ji was surprised but patted her back anyway.

" He-he is-is n-not my b-brother..."
A-ro sobbed.

" Hm? " Eun-Ji pulled back from A-ro and furrowed her brows in confusion. A-ro sniffed and looked down.

||Time Skip||

Eun-Ji stood outside of the physician's room, her hands behind her back and her eyes looking at the dark sky.

" He's pretending...I hate him, I hate myself too... " A-ro's cries echoed in her mind. Eun-Ji took in the fresh air and let her arms fall to the sides. She felt sorry for A-ro, she lost her older sister and now her older brother. And not just gone but both were replaced be different people and she had to live with them while they live as her dead siblings, it must be hard.

" Yugamimnida, A-ro. " she whispered.

She heard a light pat and looked down at Sun Woo or rather someone who is posting as Sun Woo. He was looking up at her as if begging for forgiveness, his right foot on one of the steps of the stairs.

Eun-Ji looked down at him with her lips pursed and expression stoic.

" I guess you already know... " he said as he look down.

" You hurt her, do you know that? " she asked, walking down to him.

" Mian-"

He was cut off when Eun-Ji's hand made contact with his cheek and a sound of flesh colliding violently with another cut through the air like a sharp, thin knife. He looked to the side and turned his head to look down at his feet. He was unprepared for that, he was unprepared for her slap, and mostly, her anger.

He waited for something violent to happen but she remained standing quietly in front of him. He couldn't see her face since he was looking downwards and she was standing on a higher step of the stairs.

Eun-Ji was about to say something but kept her mouth shut. Who was she to say something? No one, she's a nobody, she is just like him, living as A-ro's older sister. But she's angry at him for hurting her, and she'll never admit that. She slowly turned around and walked back up and into the physician's room. She turned around and closed the door and closed the other door as well.

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