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42||Dynasty: The Building

“ Are you certain? ” Eun Ji asked, suspicions creeping in her mind.

Ji Eun nodded firmly. She took a step toward the stone coffin and trailed her fingers on the edges.

Eun Ji slowly inched backward and away from the said lady, she wasn't sure but should the lady try to bury her alive, she can run. Fast.

“ This, chingu, is a magical stone coffin. ” Ji Eun pulled her hand away from the stone coffin. “ I know it must seem gravely but trust me, this is where you should be. ”

Eun Ji did her best to keep silent as she move away from Ji Eun.

Ji Eun turned around, her attention fully on Eun Ji. “ What are you doing? ”

“ Wha...I am no-you can't kill me. ” Eun Ji said with a warning tone.

“ Ani, Eun-Ji this is the only way you can get back. ” Ji Eun tried to reason, attempting to get closer to her.

“ Aniyo... ” Eun-Ji whispered before running away.

“ Wait! Eun-Ji! ” Ji Eun ran after her but stopped, not because she is tired but because she knew she had to. She watched Eun-Ji run away from her.

“ When will you stop running, Eun-Ji? ”
Ji Eun sighed. “ You'll understand. Soon. ”

Eun-Ji ran as fast as she can, panting, afraid, fearing for her life she treasures dearly. “ I can't die, not yet, I have to get back home, alive. ” her mind told her.

Eventually, she got out of the woods. She felt air welcome her and she inhaled a big amount of air. She stumbled forward and fell face first on the ground. Now, on all fours, she panted, looking up at the darkening sky and she gathered what little strength she had to get up and run.

When she was out of the woods, she inhaled and straightened her back, fixed her hair and her clothes then calmly but swiftly walked to the walls of Hwarang.

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