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04||Dynasty : The Building
“ Abeoji. ”

A year later

It had been a year since Eun-Ji was thrown back. Though, home sick, she remained smiling, telling herself she shouldn't cry since she atleast have a home and two people she could call a family. She had been a very good student of Kim Ahn Ji, quick to learn all the methods of healing. As for A-ro, Eun-Ji tried to be nicer and more sensitive about her, being a good sister and daughter, she hate to admit it, but she had grown fond of the two.

Through her days, Eun-Ji learned all their ways of living, including their writing, she complained less day after day, didn't speak any bad or foreign phrase, and most of all she had accepted the ‘ Not-so-advanced ’ things. Though she had learned to be nicer, she still have the confidence to do something her way.

She had traveled the place and was amazed. She loved Silla or what they call Sacred Kingdom. It was wonderful not like the modern world, full of machines. She loved the forest.
Sometimes she plays a situation inside her head and wonder; what she would give up just to go back? She always wonder but she couldn't answer so she abandons the situation over and over.

||Time Skip||

An Ji returned home and was soaking wet when another patient arrived, it was a child who was badly hurt. Eun-Ji and A-ro wasn't around as A-ro was in Okta while Eun-Ji was gathering herbs. He tended to the child and took a shower afterwards.

||Time Skip ||

“ Are you feeling well, An Ji-ssi? ” Eun-Ji asked.

The older man coughed but said he is alright. Eun Ji rolled her eyes and put her hand on his forehead.

“ Aish! You're lying. What happened to you? ” she grew annoyed.

“ I was soaking wet because of the rain and I had to tend to the child. Don't get mad, Eun-Ji-ssi. ”

“ I wasn't. ” she left to make a tea.

An Ji waited quietly. He was glad he have another daughter. With Eun-Ji's presence, he felt like he hadn't lost his daughter.

Eun-Ji came back with the tea and put it beside the older man.
“ You know what to do. ” She said.

An Ji drank the tea. “ Don't you miss your family? Your abeoji and eomeoni? ”

“ Appa, is dead, umma is too busy with work, she doesn't care at all, An Ji-ssi. ” she said as a matter of fact.

“ Jwoesonghamnida, ttal. It shouldn't matter, you have a family here, since you are now A-ro's elder sister, I am now your abeoji, that is if you want. ”

She shrugged and put the medicine he'll need near him. “ Get some rest. ”

An Ji drank the tea again as Eun-Ji turned to leave.
“ I will visit A-ro, we will get home together. Get well fast. ” she walked away. “ Abeoji. ” she mumbled, An Ji heard it and felt happy. He still have two daughters.

||Time Skip||

“ May I know this beautiful maiden's name? ” said a confident and flirty male voice.

Eun-Ji turned around to be met by Soo Ho, the handsome playboy. She sighed in annoyance.
I don't have time for this, jwoesonghamnida. ”
She tried to walk away fast but he followed her and grab her wrist.

“ Atleast tell me your name, I haven't seen you before. ” he flashed her his signature charming smile as he look down at her.

Eun-Ji inhaled, uncomfortable and was flushed, who wouldn't be? He is Soo Ho. She gathered her confidence.
“ Well, maybe you're blind because, I have been here the whole time. ” she looked up at him.

His smile grew and he looked directly into her eyes. “ Probably because I was blinded by your beauty. ”

“ Soo Ho-ssi, don't. Not me. I'm not interested to be your next harlot. So, please do me a favor and go bother someone else. ” she flashed him her flirty smile and walked away leaving him yearning for her company.

Eun-Ji sighed, her cheeks flushing, remembering their recent encounter.
She sighed and rolled her eyes, not accepting the fact that she might like him. She looked at the sky with a smile.

Queen Ji-So stand alone a few feet away from the lady she barely lay her eyes on. The sight of the young lady caused her to put on a small smile correspondent to the smile the young lady is wearing. The Queen studied her features, petite body, the height, she looked just like her when she was younger. She recognized the small smile on her lips which isn't enough to make her look so nice and kind.

She took a hesitant step to approach her and slowly walked towards her.
The young lady noticed her and looked at her.

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