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29 || Dynasty : The Building
Doubt. ”

Eun-Ji stayed in her room in the physician's place mostly, only coming out whenever she needs to tend to a wounded. She had been laying on her bed and staring at the ceiling. A-ro was more happy, she noticed that. She also noticed the flowers that are always on one of the tables. Seems like A-ro have an admirer, but Eun-Ji doesn't care, she doesn't care even if there is a possibility that those are from Ji Dwi since A-ro wasn't interested in him. She doesn't care about anything right at the moment.

“ Eun-Ji-eonni... ” A-ro called out to her from outside her room.

Eun-Ji sighed that was the fifth time she called. “ Are you worried that much? It's annoying. ” she thought.

|| Time Skip ||

Eun-Ji went out of her room when she felt like no one is around, specifically, A-ro. She knew how irritating she can be when she gets worried. Eun-Ji sat straight on one of the wooden chairs and sighed as she put her hand on her knee for support. She had told Sook Myung to send the Queen a letter to let her know that Eun-Ji needs to defer her introduction as Princess Ji-Eun to the people.

Eun-Ji held her breath when she noticed someone coming inside the house but eventually breathed out a sigh of relief when she saw Sook Myung with a small, apologetic smile on her face. Sook Myung handed Eun-Ji a letter from the Queen. Eun-Ji knew it wasn't what she expect it to be.

After reading the letter, Eun-Ji found herself wanting to crumple it but refrained herself from doing so, instead, her hands shook as she try hard not to crumple the letter. Sook Myung took the letter from her hand and looked at her sister. “ Is it a must for you not to get revealed yet? ” she asked.

Eun-Ji swallowed a lump in her throat and looked at Sook Myung who sat beside her. “ Either way, it is all right, I can manage just fine, do not worry. ”

“ What happened to ‘ everything is going as planned ’? ” she thought  to herself.

|| Time Skip ||

Sounds of wood clashing with another were the only sounds ringing in Eun-Ji's ears as she walk slowly with her hands behind her back.

“ Do you always run away from situations like this? ”

“ What are you afraid of? ”

She smiled a little. She knew she will miss their simple talks and how he talk to her. She just hoped that won't change. She stood watching the men practice with their wooden swords. Her eyes searched for Ji Dwi, she found him looking at her when he should be looking at his opponent.

They shared a look for a short time.
“ How will you react? ” Eun-Ji asked him in her thoughts.

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