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19||Dynasty: The Building
" Broken hearts. "

" E-Eonni..." A-ro muttered.

Eun-Ji felt her hands shake causing her to hold it behind her back. She hesitated but eventually turned to get inside the physician's house.

A-ro watched her, feeling sorry and at the same time, horrible since she's getting hurt because of her.

Ji Dwi inhaled and clenched his fist, stopping himself from following her.
But hearts can't be tamed and he eventually followed her inside.

A-ro breathed a sigh of relief, thankful and glad for Eun-Ji but at the same time worried.

||Time Skip||

Eun-Ji slowly opened the door of the physician's house and turned to open the other door. She sighed, she wanted to close the doors and cry but she knew she can't, if she cry because of him, it means she admit it, she admit that she like him, so she's not going to cry.

Eun-Ji quickly covered her face with her hands when she felt the urge to cry. " Aish! Eun-Ji...you poor girl. " she muttered to herself in a breathy voice.

" Why does it hurt so much? " she asked herself.

" What does? " a voice asked.

Eun-Ji gasped and turned around to be met by Ji Dwi who was behind her.
" A-aigoo...the-the...m-my head...h-it hurts. " she stuttered and lied as her hands land on her chest then her forehead.

Ji Dwi looked puzzled and touched her forehead. " Really? What can I do to make you feel better? "

" If you leave I will feel much better-" Eun-Ji gasped and covered her mouth as her eyes widen. " Mianhae..." she said in a small voice.

Ji Dwi looked at her, amused by her words. She was normally caring when it comes to him but now she's different. " You are acting like A-ro, but I'll admit, you're nicer. "

Eun-Ji felt the colors of her surroundings fall like water falling back on the ground after being thrown in the air. Her eyes turned cold along with her expression. " I'm nowhere near nice, if you think of me as a nice person then you don't know me at all. I'm colder than you think, so if you're just going to speak about useless things, leave because I have no time to waste. " she eyed him down and blinked as she turned around and walked away from him.

However, Ji Dwi stopped her by grabbing her wrist. Eun-Ji stood with her back on him and kept her eyes looking ahead. " Have I...done something to make you angry? " he asked. " Did I...upset you? Tell me...I shall make up for it. "

Eun-Ji inhaled a big amount of air as her eyes water. " I want you to make up for it..." she looked down and her right hand landed on top of his hand that was holding her wrist. " ...but I know you can't whether you want it or not. " she slowly removed his hold from of her wrist and walked away as a a lone tear slip from her eye.

Ji Dwi let his hand dangle from the side as he watch her walk away. He couldn't understand. Why was he hurt all of a sudden? Why was she mad? Was she hurt? Could it be that they're both hurting and dying inside? Is he not alone in this?

He blinked away the liquid forming in his eyes and breathed in. He have to know, she could not be Ji Eun, she can't be.

||Time Skip||

Princess Sook Myung was looking around Hwarang Residence for a while now, walking around, examining the place, looking for her brother and possibly her sister. She would not have a hard time searching for Ji Eun, she knew that but she couldn't help but be eager and looked around to find her.

Suddenly, a lady caught her attention. A lady dressed in a feminine version of a Hwarang's clothing. It wasn't the clothing that made her stand out. It was the way she carry herself, her face showed little emotion and her eyes challenges anyone it lays upon.

Princess Sook Myung grew interested in the lady and approached her. But before she could get near her, she walked in a different direction, she was light on her feet and swift. But so is the Princess so she followed her but eventually lost her. Sook Myung grew frustrated but left anyway.

Eun-Ji took a peek to see the Princess walking away. She sighed in relief. She knew she won't be happy with the Queen's so called gift.

|| Time Skip||

" I...need to tell you something. "

" Go on. " Eun-Ji urged him to speak. She looked ahead.

Soo Ho sighed. Getting anxious. They had been standing with each other on the bridge. " I-I like you. " he said.

Eun-Ji's small confident smile faded. She looked down and slowly turned to face Soo Ho who desperately searched for answers in her eyes.

Eun-Ji knew she couldn't escape him so she pretended to misunderstand him. " I like you too. " she sent him a small smile then turned to face the view.

Soo Ho grew more anxious. He knew she doesn't mean it the way he does but he can't say it again, in fear she would misunderstand him again.
" No, I mean... " he gently turn her around to face him. He look into her eyes then got close as he took a glimpse of her lips before he closed his eyes completely.

Eun-Ji frozed. His hand was on her waist while the other was gently placed on her chin as he kiss her.
She was dumbfounded.

Soo Ho was having butterflies in his stomach but he felt something tugging on his heart. Like it wasn't supposed to be. Like he want it but at the same time not in that way. He grew worried of his thoughts and kissed her deeper but her lips was tightly closed.

Little did they know, someone was watching. Heartbroken.

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