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52||Dynasty: The After Ending
“ Daffodils. ”

Her eyes opened to reveal the usual sight of her ceiling, without touching her face, she knew it was a little stiff from something that had dried—like tears stains would.

She looked around, her head hurting a little, her eyes felt sore. She needed water, that was for certain. Never had she ever woke up feeling tired, dehydrated and confused.

Ji So slowly sat up and made way to her desk, however, when she looked at her chamber, she saw broken ceramics littered the floor, along with a small amount of tea—probably from her cup.

She furrowed her brows, it heightened the ache in her head, making her regret doing so. It looked like someone had a tantrum.

||Time Skip||

He stared at the letter in his hand. He had woken up and found himself holding the said letter. Now, he sat in front of his desk.

Ji Dwi,

    When you find this letter, I am long gone. However, be brave like I know you can, you are an important person to so many people, they depend on you. They are worth fighting for.

    You may feel like something is missing, you will be confused, but do not be, for nothing is ever missing.

   You are loved, always.

It was a letter with the sender's name blurred out, the place where the name should be was covered with ink, rendering it unable to read and whoever it is, they bear knowledge of what he is feeling currently. He felt like something is missing, felt like he lost something, but he couldn't recall what.

Unbeknownst to him, it was her last letter for him.

||Time Skip||

Ji Eun watched as people go about their businesses. Everything was back to normal, well, quite back to normal.
Everybody bear no memories of her anymore, all but one person. He was immune to the wiping since his soul is unable to forget it's other half.

She had asked him to vow never to utter her name to which he responded by living normally, well as normal as he can.

Ji Dwi was now King Jinheung and Silla had been prospering as he along with Sun Woo, brought great change to Silla.

He wondered, did he ever had nightmares? Probably not, but did he ever felt lost? There was no use asking for an answer since no one will recall.

It's been years, but here he is, reminded of her by so many things. When he see A-ro, he half-expected to see her with the girl, when he return to the Hwarang House, he looked at the Physician's House half-wishing to see her to be there.

On certain nights, he would go deep in the forest to honor the night she died and every time he did, he tries to say goodbye but always ends up asking why and where she is, wondering if he could one day get there somehow.

“ I wonder if you know...”

“ She knows. ”

He smiled a little, comforted. He knew she'd be there, she's always watching him, always making sure he doesn't tell anyone. It's not like she doesn't trust him, she was temporarily stuck in their realm as punishment for trying to spare a soul lost in time.

Ji Eun stood beside him and landed her hand on his shoulder. She knows that she knew how he feels and how he tries.

They had become close friends. Being the only person he could cry to and the only one aside from him to remember, to know her, to know the side of him whom loved and lost her.

“ When are you leaving? ”

“ Soon. You need to hurry, you know? You have to take a bride. ” she reminded him.

He chuckled and nodded. “ I will, soon. I'll find someone. Someone like her. ”

|| Time Skip||

“ I never thought you'd grow out of your habit of dating, I thought your life-long goal was to date every woman in the Capital. ” she hugged his arm as they walk towards Okta.

Her brother chuckled. “ You know, I'm not always a good-looking playboy. ”

“ Hm? Is that right? ”

“ There is a girl who changed me for the better, a girl I loved...” he looked ahead with a small smile plastered on his face.

“ Eo? Really? I want to meet her! I want to thank her for knocking all the senses there is to you. ”

He shook his head. “ She's away. She's in a wonderful place now. ”

||Time Skip||

She opened her eyes to the bright light. Her skin the warm ray's of the sun— assuming it is the sun. Fresh air made their way into her nostrils and soothed her lungs.

Eun-Ji looked around the bright place, not knowing where to go. A soft sigh escaped her lips, relieved even just a bit that she didn't end up anywhere unpleasant.

Slowly standing up, she found herself previously laying on a grassy ground filled with blooming daffodils. She let her index finger lightly touch the yellow flowers, investigating whether it is real or not.

A smile crept its way on her face, the flower was real. She had never seen a real yellow daffodil. She admired the flowers swaying in the wind as they bath in the glory of the sun.

She didn't know how long she's been lounging in the middle of the flower beds but she eventually searched the whole place, stumbled upon a cement road—which she decided to cross, not wanting to leave the flower beds.

She later found that the sun is unusually near the surface and shined brightly without burning her, the sky was shaded a wonderful blue and littered with white cotton-like clouds, yet unlike the usual, the clouds move a lot faster than the normal speed, it was as if, time fleets faster that it should.

Shrugging off the so not normal happenings, she made her way to a tall tower, resembling an old but well- cared lighthouse and opened the door to be met with a stair made of clouds.

Eun-Ji furrowed her brows at the sight, it was made of clouds, that she was sure of, she looked up to see a wooden door at the top of the stairs, her eyes not missing the bright light that shined at it's crevices, something bright was behind the door and she knew it.

Slowly and carefully, she begun climbing the stairs, hesitant to where she should put her foot, scared she might fall.

Her eyes scanned the closed door, nearing it. Slowly, her hand made it's way to push the wooden door open only for it to open without her touching the mere surface.

She recoiled, holding her hand with her other and looking ahead only to be blinded by the daylight.

Instinctively, she raised her hand, aiding herself to see into the light.

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