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10||Dynasty: The Building
“ ...come to me, jebal. ”

The rest of the day went smoothly and happily except for the fact that Eun-Ji kept looking around for Ji Dwi. She haven't told anyone about what happened since she have no proof and not that sure of what he really wants.

So, Eun-Ji took a walk around with her mind flying. She was thinking of what happened earlier and decided that maybe he doesn't mean that and she just mistook his request. Because he's a hwarang and hwarangs are young men being taught how to be real men and by that, it means how to be an ideal man.

Eun-Ji sighed in frustration. She looked up at the sky as if waiting for forgiveness, she felt stupid for thinking of that.

Suddenly, she collided with a hard surface. She stepped back and looked up at Sun Woo.

Aish! Of all the men here why him?! ”

Her eyes widen. “ What are you doing here? ”

“ Why do you ask like I shouldn't be here? ”

“ Of course, you shouldn't be. ”

“ You're forgetting I'm- ”

“ I remember now. Stop making me feel stupid too. ” she walked to the side and left him.

Sun Woo turned around to look at her.  It was really hard for him to get along with her while she's pushing him away. Sun Woo followed her.
“ Why do you feel stupid? ”

Eun-Ji looked at him then ahead of her then sighed. “ Aish! I'm remembering it. ” she put her hands on her face and gently but continuously slapped herself.

“ Yah! What are you doing? ” Sun Woo grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand away from her face to prevent her from slapping herself again.

“ I didn't help a hwarang because I thought he's a pervert. Aish!  I'm so stupid! That's not what he meant but I thought of it. Aish! ” she reached out her left hand to slap herself but Sun Woo caught it.

“ Yah, calm down. ” Sun Woo said as he move in front of her to catch her other hand to slap herself again. He held both of her hands.

“ Aniya! ” she struggled to slap herself again but Sun Woo tightened his grip on her hands.

“ Stop hurting yourself, make up for it. Aish! You would not solve anything if you hurt yourself. ” Sun Woo lectured her. Eun-Ji pouted but nodded anyway.

“ I should look for him. ”

“ I'm coming with you. What is his name? ” Sun Woo let go of her hands and looked ahead.

Eun-Ji frozed. “ Aish!!  Omo!  Omo!  ”

“ Wae? ” Sun Woo asked, facing her.

“ I don't know his name. ” she looked up at him, embarrassed.

“ Mueo? Seriously? ”

“ Mueo? I just met him. ”

“ And you immediately mistake him for a pervert? ” Sun Woo looked as if he's about to laugh.

Eun-Ji slapped his arm. “ Yah!  It happened so fast! And he was handsome, fit for a...aish! I am so stupid! ” she reached up to slap herself again but Sun Woo caught her wrist.

“ You really have to stop hurting yourself. ”

Eun-Ji sighed looking ahead to see a bridge. Her eyes drifted down to the water under it. “ I think I need some air, you go on, Sun Woo-oppa. ” she walked to the bridge.

Sun Woo looked at her, aghast. “ What is the matter with her? ”

Standing on the middle of the bridge was Eun-Ji, feeling the weight of the world on her shoulders. She's already not at home and she still had this problem. “ Why is it so hard to communicate with men without thinking they have bad intentions? ” she asked herself.

She sat down and stick her hand out to touch the cold water below the bridge. “ I am so stupid, aish! I should've known. ” She looked up with a sigh. “ Wherever you are, come back so that I can help you, I promise I'll help you sleep, whoever you are, come to me, jebal. ”

“ You can call me Ji Dwi. ”

“ Aigoo! ” she gasped, looking up at him. Her hands flying to her chest.

There stood Ji Dwi with his arms crossed, looking at where she was looking.

Eun-Ji sighed in relief as get up and look up at him.

Ji Dwi turned to her, looking down at her.

Eun-Ji touched his forehead then his cheek. “ How do you feel? Have you eaten yet? ” she let her hand fall to her side.

Ji Dwi cleared his throat, recovering from her burning touch. “ I'm fine, I still hadn't gotten any sleep though. And I feel a bit dizzy but I can handle it. ”

Eun-Ji's eyes widened and she grabbed his wrist, pulling him.

“ Y-yah! What are you doing? ”

“ We have to get to the nursing quarters, Ga-ja! ”

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