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33 ||Dynasty : The Building
" Lies. "

" Halt! " Eun-Ji raised her voice at
Ji Dwi as she approach him.

Ji Dwi stopped walking and turned around to face the Princess.
" Do you know about it? " he asked.

Eun-Ji stopped in her tracks. " What are you talking about? "

Ji Dwi scoffed and turned to walk away, leaving her confused. Eun-Ji felt annoyed.

" Is this how you are going to treat me? " she asked in annoyance.

Ji Dwi faced her. " Is this who you really are? "

Eun-Ji felt anxiety rush through her but she remained impassive.

Ji Dwi took a step closer to her as he look down at her. He was angry she lied, but he was more angry that she had to be his sister but in his eyes, he look at her with hope and denial, begging for her to tell him she wasn't who she is. " Was it your idea? "

" I do not know of what you speak of. "

" A sparring contest? Where one will fight until one dies? Are you that heartless? "

Eun-Ji furrowed her brows and remained silent. " I- "

" Do not say anything, your lies will only pile up. " Ji Dwi warned, sending her a cold glare before turning to walk away.

Eun-Ji watched as he walk away from her. Her face showing pain. Her lips parted as her eyes watch him longingly, silently hoping for him to understand she didn't know anything about it. Her gaze darted down on the wooden floor as she breathe out the air she'd been holding. Her eyes turned glossy as she fight the urge to close her eyes.

Unaware of her surroundings, she didn't sense her servant approaching her from behind. " Gongjunim? " the servant looked at her. " The Hwarang, Sun Woo is still recovering. "

Eun-Ji heard her say, somehow, she didn't feel any better. " Mi Sun, Find Gongju Sook Myung. "

The servant, Mi Sun bowed and left to find the other princess. Eun-Ji inhaled, her face impassive once again.

|| Time Skip ||

Eun-Ji discreetly followed A-ro as she trail a few steps behind Sun Woo who is walking with trouble. She saw
Ji Dwi approach him, she narrowed her eyes in curiosity as a wave of dizziness hit her. Her right hand flew up to touch her forehead as she close her eyes tightly. " Not now. " she muttered.

A foreign yet alarming sound reached her ears causing her to open her eyes and search for the source of the sound. Gasps and mumbles reached her ears causing her to look at the parchment that was bouncing as it hang.

" The King is within Hwarang. "

The words written on the parchment made her gasp, her head ache worsening in the process. She groaned in pain and annoyance.

" Gongjunim? " Mi Sun tried to take a good look at her face. " Is something wrong? "

Eun-Ji gained back her posture and cleared her throat.

" Gongju Sook Myung is in her chamber. "

" Do not bother her yet. " she turned and made her way to the Physician's house with Mi Sun trailing behind her.

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