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23||Dynasty : The Building
So Cold. ”

Eun-Ji sighed. She was confused as to why she fainted. She knew she's healthy and she take good care of herself. She closed her eyes.

“ Are you well? ”

Eun-Ji opened her eyes to see Princess Sook Myung. She sighed, closing her eyes. She bowed for publicity but in all honesty, she didn't want to see her.

Sook Myung didn't bring her servant with her since she wanted some time alone with Eun-Ji. “ Come with me. ”
She turned around and started walking. Eun-Ji looked at her with furrowed eyebrows and sighed in frustration. She didn't want to go but she followed her anyway.

||Time Skip||

Eun-Ji felt relieved hearing the flow of water as she follow Sook Myung who led her to the river. Sook Myung stopped walking and sat on the same spot she had been when Sun Woo saved her from a snake. Eun-Ji looked down at her as she look up with a small smile on her face.

“ Sit with me, eonni. ” she requested, lightly patting the solid ground beside her.

Eun-Ji hesitated but sat down beside the Princess. She doesn't know what to do and where to look so she looked at the one thing that makes her relieved, the flowing water.

Sook Myung saw her looking at the water. She smiled a little bit more.
“ I know you have been here multiple times and learned of this place before I did but...I knew you liked the sound and the smell of water and I want to be here with you. ” she watched at her.

Eun-Ji looked down and sighed. She was afraid of deep waters, but she can't let anyone know that, can she? 
She must pretend to be Ji Eun so she must be unafraid of the water.

Sook Myung heard her sigh, she looked at the water. “ Also, I thought this was the only way I'll see you happy and relieved with me by your side. ”
She faced Eun-Ji.

Eun-Ji looked ahead. “ Why do you think that? ”

“ Because I see it in your eyes. Whenever you look at me, you seem so tired of seeing me. Even when you first met me. ” she paused for awhile and inhaled the cool air. She looked at the water.  “ But whenever you look at that physician, A-ro...you look happy, your face lights up, you speak to her like a sister and you care for her like you're her real sister. ”

Eun-Ji looked at her. Sook Myung faced her as a tear fell down her cheek.

“ But I think it doesn't work like that. You're still tired of seeing me. ”

Eun-Ji felt sorry for her.

Sook Myung wiped the lone tear on her cheek and looked down.

Eun-Ji just looked down with her brows furrowed. Pitying the Princess beside her. She thought she is stone cold, turns out she was the one being cold. She bit her upper lip.

She was being cold. So cold.

“ Eun-Ji-eonni! ” a voice called.

Sook Myung's face turned cold again as Eun-Ji stood up to see A-ro jogging to her.

A-ro stopped and froze when she saw the Princess behind Eun-Ji. Sook Myung stood up and A-ro bowed with a scared expression. Eun-Ji saw it,
A-ro was uncomfortable with the Princess around.

“ If you don't mind, jonha, I am needed elsewhere. ” Eun-Ji faced Sook Myung.

Their faces were both emotionless, the other's eyes held pain while the other, pity. However, the one in pain wasn't that obvious with her cold expression while the other with pity in her eyes was blocked with her confident expression.

A-ro could see the tension in Sook Myung's eyes. She looked down. “ I shall wait. You don't have to leave, eonni. ” she turned to the Princess.
“ Jwoesonghamnida for my interference, jonha. ”

“ Jonha, I am needed elsewhere-”

“ You may leave. ” Sook Myung said.

Eun-Ji bowed along with A-ro and they both left.

Sook Myung eyed A-ro with her jaw clenched. A-ro could feel Sook Myung's burning gaze on her causing her to grip her dress and hold on to Eun-Ji's forehand. Eun-Ji turned her head and looked at her. “ What are you doing? ”

“ I... I-I...w-we need to be fast. ” she started running, dragging Eun-Ji along with her.

||Time Skip||

“ What did you need me for? ” Eun-Ji turned to face A-ro.

A-ro looked down and in an instant, she remembered what she needs her for. “ You're allowed to go out anytime. ”

“ Ne, that is right. ”

“ Aish!  You didn't even set foot out of this place ever since you got here. ”
A-ro sighed.

Eun-Ji furrowed her brows and looked up at the sky as if she's thinking.

“ What can I do? I have plans. ”

“ And watching me perform tonight better be one of your plans. ” cut in a familiar voice.

Eun-Ji turned to see Ji Dwi approaching them with his arms crossed. Her heartbeat increased again and she bit her lip. “ I...aniyo. ”

“ That cannot be. Soo Ho will perform as well. You should watch him considering the fact that you and him have a growing romance. ”

Eun-Ji froze at his words. She remembered the kiss Soo Ho gave her and how she turned her back on him. She closed her eyes tightly as she sigh.
A-ro couldn't keep her mouth shut and started throwing questions at her.
“ We don't have anything going on between us. ” Eun-Ji said firmly.

Ji Dwi scoffed. “ Then why did I see you kissing him? ” he let his arms drop to his sides as he took a step closer to Eun-Ji.

A-ro silenced herself, knowing full well that she is not included in their conversation.

Eun-Ji grew angry. She glared at him and walked away. Ji Dwi watched as she leave. He was annoyed that she had the nerve to be angry at him, but he was angry at himself for caring about her kiss with Soo Ho.

“ Why do you do that? ” A-ro asked him.

Ji Dwi turned to face her. “ Do what? ”

“ It is obvious that you like her but you go after me. She is without a doubt more beautiful than any other maiden here. I see you hurting because of her too. Why do you hold back from her? ”

Ji Dwi grew silent. “ I know all of that, yet fate have a hobby of playing with my feelings. ” he thought.

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