A Child's Promises

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You promised

To stay with me forever

You promised

To love me

You promised

To protect me

You promised

To die for me

You promised

A great many things

To me

A promise is like a ring

The stone in the center

Represents unity

The common goal in a relationship

True Love is a promise

A promise unbreakable

By any power

An eternal bond between two people

Love shared is never lost

You promised me


And asked


In return

You love me

And I love you

We promised

To stay by each others sides

We promised

To marry

But that was so long ago

They were but a child's promises

Time eats away at the will

People move on

Only the heart

Truly knows

Its True Love

I am still a child at heart

I have not tasted True Love

Or maybe I have

And have Never known it

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