The Dead of Winter

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  • Dedicated to My other half

Surrounded by snow

I will dream a dream in white

When the snow melts to spring

It will have been my heart melting

The inpenetratrable cold

That is my heart

Only your love

Can melt

My stone cold heart

A heart that hasn't beaten for years

It will suddenly awaken

By your touch

Surely a person like you

Couldn't love a person like me

Dead on the inside

Cold to the touch

My fingers

They yearn

To touch

The untainted heat of love

A fiery passion

A flame that never dies

So close

I feel it thawing

My icy flesh

Your silhouette in the distance

I run to you

You extend your arms toward me

We embrace

I feel your warmth

Your skin is soft

Against mine

As you hold me

Your lips are soft

Against mine

As we kiss

You touch me ever so gently

Like two vines

We intertwine

An eternal embrace

A bond shared only by lovers

Your arms

Shield me

From the cold that had haunted me

I have finally found

My eternal warmth

The only one

Who can melt

The ice

That had been

My heart

For so long

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