Quiet Loneliness

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Lonely moonlit night,

Lonely moonlit field.

Not a soul is out this night,

Not a soul but mine.

Breeze blows quiet,

Rustling leaves.

Not a soul creeps now,

Not a soul but mine.

She walks silently,

She walks like a ghost.

Does a soul walk with me,

A soul besides mine?

Quiet midnight mist,

Covers over the field.

This soul walks closer,

Closer to mine.

Her voice rang clear,

Clear in the dead of night.

Her ghastly soul grows closer still,

Ever closer to mine.

My heartbeat quickens,

As she approaches.

Her soul reaches out,

Her soul reaches for mine.

Paralyzed from head to toe,

Ever drawing nearer to me.

So close, so close.

Her soul touched mine.

The night is quiet again.

No soul dare lingers.

No heart beats,

Not even mine.

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