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I wonder,

How many things will change?

As Time ticks on,

What will change?



The world as we've known it?

Will there still be beautiful things?

Will we still laugh?

Will we cry?

As the sun sets on another day,

Will it rise again?

Will it shine warmly?

Will breezes still blow gently?

Will snow still be White?

Will there still be stars to guide us?

My hands tremble,

With the fear of such drastic change.

Maybe it won't be so bad


I try to reason the fear away.

I don't know.

How could I?

How could anyone?

Time goes on,

And so do we.

We struggle on,

Through thick and thin,

To understand.

Anything to understand


Maybe 'I don't know' is enough.

We never truly know,

Do we?

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