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When I see you,

I can't help but have tears on mind.

When I think of you,

I find tears want to escape from my eyes.

Not because anything is wrong.

It's because it's so,


Like the gentle morning dew,

Or the graceful flight of a butterfly.

Don't you think it is?


An emotion,

Or something more?

The words spoken to me,

Sweet nothings,

But they mean so much.

The smell of your skin.

The touch of your hand.

Always hold me close.

Never let go.

No matter what happens.

I always want you close to me.

In heart.

In mind.

Kiss my fears away;

Drown out the outside with your heart beat.

And if you find one day,

When you look at me,

With eyes overflowing with love,

Don't be surprised,

If I'm crying.


You don't have to wipe them away.

It's not because I'm sad,

It's because I'm happy.

Because what we have is so beautiful.


Like the way a mother loves her child,

Or how two hearts can be connected so deeply,

As to never be separated.

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