White Rabbit

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Blank white

Snow white

Soft and light

As feathers

It sits so still

I stroke its

Blank white

Snow white


It sits so still

Just like a doll

It sits so still

It scares me


Falling away from me

Falling away from myself

Down a hall of mirrors

I close my eyes

With wind rushing past my ears

I open my eyes

To horrid

Blood-red eyes

Staring back at me

They are the blood-red eyes

Of my

White rabbit

Ticking clock

Dripping water

Unfamiliar sounds

Light escapes me

Alone in darkness

Glowing red eyes

Are all I see

But it was just a dream

I open my eyes again


Blank white

Snow white


Where is the rabbit

The beautiful

Blank white

Snow white


Maybe this is a Dream

My arms bound

In a strait jacket

Maybe not

Still inside

Blank white

Snow white


The rabbit appears

I follow


Down the hall

Of mirrors

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