Coffin Stance

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  • Dedicated to Those who regret not seeing the love in life

Cold as stone.

Your gaze pierces me.

You look down upon me

And I can feel you looking deep in side me.

Searching for a soul,

A soul that no longer exists.

I want to cry,

But the tears I will

Will not come out.

My corpse cannot cry any more.

I gently brush your cheek

With my fingertips.

You touch the spot where

I had touched you.

The tears in your eyes

Tell all.

You truly loved me.

The shinigami calls my name,

He beckons me to follow him.

I take one last look at your grief-stricken face

And finally

One tear

Drops to the ground.

One last tear for my love.

One last tear for the life I chose to leave behind.

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