Just Human

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I want this Thing so bad.

The yearning reaches into the depths,

Of my cold dark heart.

The gap widens between,

Whispers fill the void.

Growing ever louder with each passing second,

With every passing heartbeat,

They grow harsher.

My eyes fill with tears.

The path before me,

Crumbles and falls away to oblivion.

Oh, I wish I could be those stones!

Maybe if I quietly slipped away,

No one would even notice.

While Others laugh and carry on,

I wonder if They'd rescue me,

If I called out for help.

Drowning in tears behind a glass curtain,

They all pass by as if nothing's wrong.

Despair grows within like a disease.

My heart grows weak,

I start to believe the Voices.

Maybe They're right,

If I slip into the Darkness,

They'll never know.

Such thoughts fill my head,

As tears cloud my vision.

I want to run to a better place.

Where the sun shines warmly.

The Darkness consumes me,

But I still reach for the Light.

A battle within myself,

Only someone who actually cares to look,

Beyond the smile I put up as a front,

Could ever possibly see.

I cry my tears alone.


I don't want to be alone,

But I don't want shifting sands

To console me.

The tears fall freely now,

Put on display for anyone to see.

Anyone who cares.

My heart aches like never before.

I beats so violently.

I'm just trying to be human.

Isn't this what humans do?

Don't they doubt, like me?

Don't they cry, like me?

Could they ever really love?

Especially me?

I'm just being human,

Aren't I?

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