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This Kitten Has Claws by Lol5679
This Kitten Has Clawsby Rae Ann
Waking up naked in the middle of the woods wasn't exactly on Amanda's summer wish list. With no recollection as to what happened to her or where she came from, Amanda mu...
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(COMPLETED)The Heart Recognizes- MR. STONE BOOK 2 by RMAstories28
(COMPLETED)The Heart Recognizes- M...by RMA
BOOK 2 of MR. STONE from the Mister Series. Please make sure you read the first book before jumping to reading this story. You will understand the sequence and plot of t...
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Haunt (Tomdaya Fan-Fiction) by ritebeforeyoureyes_x
Haunt (Tomdaya Fan-Fiction)by RiteBeforeYourEyes
Zendaya left Oakland for a fresh start in New York. After an upsetting break-up with her childhood sweetheart and familial and financial problems, New York is the exact...
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Whisper (Camila/You)    by MermaidRose97
Whisper (Camila/You) by Angel Rose
Y/N moves into an old eerie house, and strange things happen... "When love holds its hand out, you better hold on tight"
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Fantasma (YoonMinJoon) by Trash_4_Yoongi
Fantasma (YoonMinJoon)by ゴミ
Jimin can see dead people. His best friends, Yoongi and Namjoon, start experiencing hauntings at the same time. Maybe the two hauntings are connected.
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dEaD | BNHA X Child OC by ThePromisedHero
dEaD | BNHA X Child OCby |Historia|
"Do YoU kNoW wHAt It FeElS lIkE tO bE cHoKeD?" On a cold night at 3am, Class 1A played with an Ouiji Board. It was a joke. It was for fun. But when they forge...
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Book Series You'll Love by clichelover05
Book Series You'll Loveby clichelover05
These are the book series that got me hooked and addicted, enough for me to read the sequels. Hope you like them! Feel free to suggest your own personal favorites! ;-) 0...
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Guardian Roommates by bangstan_sonyeondan
Guardian Roommatesby What's your favorite dinner f...
{Sequel to Guardian Monsters - A BTS X Reader} !!PLEASE READ ALL OF DESCRIPTION!! ••• Though we may escape danger, it always haunts us. An AU in which BTS were monsters...
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Haunted Farm (Interactive) by Pixee_Styx
Haunted Farm (Interactive)by Sam Schill
It's Halloween. Somehow, you end up at Thornton Farm, a place full of mysteries...and ghosts. Who brought you to Thornton Farm and what do they want? Will you even survi...
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Dead Planet Of Mine by lostinabookspine
Dead Planet Of Mineby lostinabookspine
Living in a world where people are nocturnal, waking only at night and sleeping during the day. It's not ideal, but it keeps them safe, safe from the Shadows. Shadows: D...
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I Found You Again by SansandPaps
I Found You Againby 🦀Cancer♋️
(Frisk is a boy) Frisk is just having a hard time to leave his loved one Chara to move to his new house...he keeps thinking of her while he puts his furniture in his hou...
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Haunt | H.S [On Hold] by dolcelaurent
Haunt | H.S [On Hold]by G
Find the cause, find the answer. [Copyright © 2015 by dolcelaurent]
  • historical
  • haunt
  • fantasy
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Sinner : Story Of A Curse. by Devakibb
Sinner : Story Of A Curse.by Devakibb
Experience what happens when a sin done by ur ancestors comes back in a form of curse & haunts u till death. Experience the terror of a curse given by a women. Follow Su...
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Hello Again, Sir {s/t - complete} by amandarose
Hello Again, Sir {s/t - complete}by Amanda Rose (Millie)
"Hanna Franz is beautiful, intelligent and emotionally unstable after a collision took away her father. Who would love a gorgeous girl with a sublime personality? I...
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The Basement by DoctorxofxArt
The Basementby Joseph R. Lee
Heather, a college student working to make her small needs meet takes a job watching over, like security in the local Morgue. Though, after a few nights, a turn of even...
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Haunting by Fureverrite
Hauntingby s.s.
The sequel to my other poetry book, "Ghosting". I will never disclose who these poems are directed to, because the point of poetry is, it can be about nobody...
  • ghost
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  • poetry
The Queen Mary Ghost Ship by Emilyw261206
The Queen Mary Ghost Shipby Emilyw261206
The Queen Mary is a haunted ship. In this book I write about haunted experiences and some deaths on the Queen Mary. I also write about what some YouTubers experienced.
  • ghost
  • spooky
  • haunt
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roads. by -haunt-
roads.by jenna
her life was like a road. winding, uneven, and full of holes.
  • abuse
  • happiness
  • life
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Halloween by LRussell18
Halloweenby LRussell18
One-Shot of Billdip for Halloween! I hope you enjoy this spooky story! (Credit to original artwork owner)
  • boyxboy
  • halloween
  • halloweenau
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Book of Poems by xXMisguidedGhostsXx
Book of Poemsby xXMisguidedGhostsXx
I am going to try and upload a poem a day.
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