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Between There and There,

Lay I.

Having no earthly name,

For which to be called by;

I linger,

Lost and lonely,

I search for a path,

An escape from here.

Death no longer scares me,

I welcome it now.

Darkness touches my soul.

In the ecstasy of my dreams,

I find a light.

It fills me warmly.

Beneath the spotted shade of the trees,

I run free with the breeze.

Birds sing,

Nature sings,

A smile creeps across my face.



Maybe I’ve known this before.

Why should I wake from my slumber deep?

To wake to a dreary world,

A lonely world of darkness.

Not a name have I,

Nor a memory of life.

The darkness swirls around me.

I’m tempted to give in.

The light in my dreams,

Calls me closer.

Tears not connected to pain.

Maybe I’ve known this before.

A cold wind blows again,

My will wavers like a lonely leaf,

Across a clear blue sky,

But mine is colorless.

No name,

No existence,

Have I.

The silence is crippling.

A land far from here,

Would be better.


Just maybe I’ve known everything all along.

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