What if? (9)

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“You don’t have to sleep on the couch if you don’t want.” I shrugged. 

“Are you saying you’re allowing me back?” 

“Maybe.” My lips were tugging up. 

He shut the TV off and stood up slowly. Like he didn’t believe me or thought I was just messing with him. 

I crawled into bed and scooted over to let him in.

When he laid down, we just laid there on our backs, staring at the ceiling. 

“This is way too early to go to bed.” He muttered. 

“Try.” I breathed and closed my eyes to sleep. 

I felt safe with him here. Odd enough as it sounds, I do. I just hope that I can prove that I am trustworthy.

I want to help him. I need to. If our race was in trouble, I’d hope someone out there would help us. How is it that I am just now getting it? 


Morning. I opened my eyes and was surprised to see Jack asleep next to me. I don’t know why but I was. 

I was smashed into his arm too. My arms wrapped around his right tightly and my cheek smashed against his shoulder. 

I didn’t pulled away though. I just laid there. 

My eyes glanced at the clock. 9:23am. Wow I slept hard last night. 

Even though I didn’t want to, I pulled myself away from him and went to the bathroom to shower. 

The shower was just what I needed, that and a good teeth brushing. 

I got out of the bathroom and went back into the bedroom to toss my clothes in the hamper. 

Jack wasn’t in bed anymore. I walked into the living room and saw him digging through the fridge. 

“Good morning.” I greeted friendly. 

“Good morning.” He said with his head still in the fridge. 

I went into the kitchen and pulled a bowl out of the cabinet and then grabbed a spoon. When I looked around for the cereal, I couldn’t find it. Then I heard a noise and looked to see Jack pouring Captain Crunch into my bowl. 

“Thanks.” I muttered. 

I went to the fridge, but my shoulder bumped into Jack’s. 

“Sorry.” I said quickly. 

I stood up to let him in the fridge, but he stood up too and looked at me. 


He just stood there looking at me without emotion on his face. Like a mask. 

I couldn’t understand why. 

His eyes looked at my mouth for a second, then back at my eyes. It reminded me of last night when he just looked at my mouth, and I thought ‘If he tries to kiss me, I’m slapping him.’ 

He looked down at my mouth again and I started to feel self-conscious. Was there something on my mouth? Toothpaste? Then I had that same thought as last night, my hand was really to shove him away.

Then he opened the fridge, his eyes back on mine, and pulled out the milk and poured it in my bowl. 

That was the longest ten seconds of my life. 

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