What if? (8)

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I relaxed and yawned. 

Then something squeaked from upstairs. I knew exactly where that was too. My room. The squeaky floorboard that scared me earlier. He’s in my room. 

“Was that Memo?” I demanded. 

She wasn’t looking at me. She was staring at the ceiling in horror… 


We were as still as statues for a full minute when I thought “Well. I had a good run.” and got up from the couch.

“What are you doing?” Mom demanded. 

“I’m going to go attack the intruder.” I said. 

I grabbed a ladle from the kitchen and went up the stairs.

Mom gripped my arm, holding her metal spatula (because I talked her out of the knife) 

When we reached the top, I looked around at the dark empty hall. 

Then Memo darted from my room and down the stairs. 

“Jeez! It was just Memo!” I gasped. 

“Stupid cat.” Mom muttered. 

I glanced in my room and it was empty just like before. Oh gosh that scared the tar out of me. 

Then I looked in the bathroom, which was empty. All the rooms were empty. 

We went back downstairs and turned the TV on to calm us. 

I made some coffee cause we definitely wont be sleeping any time soon. 

“Turn on some lights, its creepy in here.” Mom said. 

I went around the house and turned on the lights. I even went into the computer room to turn on the lights. Then something caught my eye. 

I slowly went towards the desk, my eyes disbelieving. 

I picked up the black Fedora and looked at it thoroughly. 

“Mom!” I shouted and ran into the living room. 

She looked at me surprised. 

“He IS in here! This is his hat!” 

Suddenly the memory of him wanting to make things dramatic went through my head. I thought that since he told me he would, it would calm me down, but it made me more terrified. 

“I’m calling the police.” She said quickly. 

She went to grab the cordless phone, only to grab air. 

“Where’s the phone?” She demanded. Her voice went higher. 

“He’s thorough I give him that.” I muttered. 

“We have to get out of the house!”


We darted to the door and she bursted out of the house quickly. I was right behind her. Till something grabbed my arm and threw me back into the house. 

I was slammed against the wall and crushed between the wall and an arm. 

I didn’t look up. I cant see his face. It would make me more afraid. 

I heard the sound of a lock turn, when I realized that my mom was now locked out, I looked him in the eyes. 

“Jack let me go!” I screamed while struggling against his grip. 

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