What if? (3)

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He gave me some water, making me drink it slowly, then gave me a little food while Henry drove us back to the building I had ran from.. 

I hoped so much that Sheila and Robin will get to earth safely.

Jack applied pressure to my leg the whole time. I would have protested and screamed, but I might die from loss of blood. 


I got my leg fixed, with stitches and a bandage, and I cant walk or else I have pain. Just great. 

I was laying on the bed in the room I had been in when I first woke up in this nightmare of a place. 

Jack kept asking me questions about food and pain. I was annoyed at first, but realized he was actually… worried? Weird, I’m actually feeling bad for him.. He looked bad. Not shaved, dark under the eyes from lack of sleep, and probably in the same clothes as he was when I ran. 

“I should have let the doctor give you the tracking chip when he told me to a week ago” He muttered. “But I was just so confident” 

“Tracking chip?” I gulped. 

“Yeah, they put it under the skin.. I should have that done” 

“Please, please don’t. if you ever want some cooperation from me, or for me to even talk to you again, you wont make me have a chip put under my skin” I begged.

He seemed to be thinking, but then shrugged.  

“I’ll be more careful this time” He said. 

I sighed. No chip. 

“We still have some girls missing Samantha, now do you have any clue of where they might be?” 

“No. I ran all by myself. Every woman for themselves” I said coldly. 

He nodded. He started to leave, the door was open and he just stood there. 

“I’m relieved you’re okay. I was freaking out I must admit” He said, then left. 

So he was actually worried? Huh. 

I cleaned myself up in the shower as he waited patiently outside my shower curtain. He had his radar up the whole time. 

I felt so much better after eating, drinking, cleaning and sleeping. 

“They haven’t found three so far” He informed me through the curtain. 

“Who?” I questioned. Gosh I hope they’re alive. 

“Kim, Robin and Sheila” 

Please let them be alive. 

“Where do you think they’re at?” 

“Well, one of the ships we found a letter addressed to a Samantha. I’m guessing is you?” 

“Can I read it?” I asked. 

I opened the curtain after getting dressed, and grabbed the letter. 


I have a feeling someone other then you will be reading this. So let me make this short. I’ve found a way home. Thanks for everything you have done for me. I hope you heal well. I’m so sorry about leaving you all. But I have no choice. I will tell your mom everything. And give her your letter. But sadly they probably wont believe me. 

I hope that you don’t mind. I stole a page from your journal. As proof that I have seen you.

Thanks for everything you have done for me.

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