What if? (4)

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“It smells really bad.” 

I realized what he meant. Bodies. 

I nodded and he managed to get inside the partially crushed ship. The wait was horrible as I heard him going through the ship. When he came out, he had blood on his hands. 

“He wasn’t in there, but it IS his ship, some of his stuff is in there,” He told me.

“He’s alive. He cant be far from here,” 

“We’ll keep searching.” 

I nodded. Zack has to be alive. If he can make it through a crash that bad, then he can survive in this forest. 


We made it back to the house because we had to stop searching, it was too dark outside. 

Tomorrow, a search party will be formed and we will find Zack. Alive. 

“We’ll find him Jack,” I told him confidently. 

“Yeah.” He nodded. 

I hated seeing Jack this way. He looked lost. Zack is like a brother to him. I wouldn’t really know how that is because I don’t have any siblings that I’m close to.

Jack was raised with Zack..

I sat next to Jack on the couch and wrapped his arms around me. 

“Okay, so Zack is found alive and Renton is free. What do we do next?” I asked him. I was trying to change the subject. 

“We go back to earth to get the rest of the crew and maybe come back here,” He shrugged. 

I nodded. 

Did I want to come back here? What about my mom? 

Things between Jack and I are.. Much, much different than before.  

Do I really want to come back here? I bit my lip in deep thought. 

Lips touched my cheek gently, and then my face heated up. 

“Ready to go to sleep?” I asked him. 


I was up all night practically, in deep thought. What if we cant find Zack? What if we find his body? What will this do to Jack? Aubrey? Penny? Me? 

Zack has a child.

It hit me how many lives he has been in. all of them would be crushed, no, devastated. Aubrey would be a wreck with emotion. Her daughter Shea will have no father, and Penny will lose her best friend.

Jack will lose his brother. Yes, I am considering Zack as Jack’s brother. They may not look a whole lot alike besides the color of their hair, but once you’ve seen how they are around each other. Brothers. 

Jack was up before I was. He was showered, he cooked and packed our stuff for the search. Food, flashlights, water, coats, compass, etc.

I got dressed in shorts and a tank top (because it was already hot enough for me to sweat) before he knew I was even up. I walked quickly into the room with my shoes on my feet and my hair up in a ponytail. 

“Ready?” I asked. 

“Are you sure you want to come?” 


“I don’t know what we’ll find-” 

“That’s a great reason for me to come,” I grabbed his hand and squeezed it. “To celebrate when we find him. Alive.” I smiled. You may call it denial, but I call faith. 

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