What if? (6)

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“Lets go” He said quickly.

“But Eddie!” She cried.

“I cant help him..”

She started crying and gripped onto my arm as we ran through the halls. Poor Eddie..


(Picture on the right is Penelope. I thought I Katie Holmes was the best match for her. what do you think?)

Penelope was in the back of the ship, trying to be brave and control her tears in front of us.

Jack was clearly furious with me for going in there.

And I was worried about both of them. Jack was bruised and cut in several places. Penelope was on the losing it, and my head throbbed from my own beating.

“Okay, you want to talk about it or just keep strangling the wheel?” I asked Jack.

“I’d prefer the wheel, because shouting at you doesn’t seem to help” He smirked.

“Well.. Then go ahead”

I wondered how long it would take us to get to-

“It was a dumb, ignorant, idiotic, moronic and incredibly stupid thing, to go in that building, that I specifically said you could not go in” Jack spat, interrupting my thoughts.

“It probably was” I shrugged.

“No. it was”

“I saved Penelope and Rosie” I defended.

“No, I saved Penelope, Rosie, and you”

“I beg to differ”

“If I hadn’t come to the ship and found all the doors open, then ran inside and searched for half an hour for you, then heard someone scream ’help’ then you probably would be stuck in there still!”


“No buts”

I crossed my arms and looked away from his angry but hypnotizing eyes.

“Why Paris?” I asked suddenly.

“Well.. I would tell you, but you’d only be angry” Jack smirked.


“Paris is far away from Illinois, where your family is so you wont contact them, and also people speak French, a language you don’t know”

“You know French?”

He smiled.

I’m going to be on earth! It just hit me that I will be on MY planet. Although I’m still incredibly far from home, at least I’m on the right planet.

I was asleep for a long time, and when I opened my eyes, I realized we were landing.

The beautiful Paris.

Of course I had no clue of where we were here. We might as well have been on another planet! Well..

I don’t know a bit a French, I know a little Spanish, but that wont help me here.

Jack opened the doors and we all hopped out.

Jack told us to stay here while he hides the ship.. And I actually stayed.

He must not of parked it far from here, because half an hour later, he drove up to us in a gorgeous black sports car.

The back seat was small, so I let Penelope have the front.

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