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Author's Note:

I have finally completed the epilogue! and I must say, it might be the longest chapter I've written on here! I hope you all will enjoy it. I have really loved writing on this story (obviously because of the sequels) and I'm really glad you all have enjoyed it. 

It's going to be hard not writing on this anymore :'(  I'll definitely miss it. I hope I can start writing on my other stories. :) 

Anyway, I spent four or five hours writing this. (Till 4am) and hopefully it makes sense! 

Thank you for all the support, and I look forward to reading your opinions/comments :D



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Okay, cleaning sucks. I was cleaning out dresser drawers and beds in our house, which is boring and I hate cleaning. We haven't gotten the chance because of the series of events. 

Jack has gotten much better, now he's been doing chores and helping me clean, finally...

Mom has been a ton of help as well, and also Joe. 

            "I think we should just burn the house down and rebuild," I complained to Jack, who was currently putting together the new king sized bed of ours. 

            "That would involve work."

            "We suck at being normal. I'd much rather be falling out of a ship-"

            "Excuse me?"

            "Sorry, I'm just being dramatic..."

            "You're just being pregnant..."

            "What's that supposed to mean?!"

He smiled and stopped putting the bed together and wrapped his arms around me.

            "You're so grumpy," He said in a baby voice. 

            "Jerk. Now please get back to work-" He kissed me, interrupting my ordering. 

The tiredness and grumpiness just melted away like ice cream. 

I wrapped my arms around him and just laid my head against his chest.

            "I hate cleaning," I whimpered.

            "I know, but there is no way you're dumping the work on me..." He breathed into my ear. I pulled away with a pitiful look on my face. He smirked. 

            "Suck it up princess," He kissed my forehead and got up, leaving me to clean. 

            "Aren't you worried about the baby's health?"

            "You're exercising, which is healthy."

I whimpered and began scrubbing the stupid floor. 

            “Where’s your ring?” Jack asked suddenly, looking at my left hand. 

I looked down, realizing that it was gone.

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