What If? (2)

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“What the heck is going on?!” He snapped. 

I yanked away and went out the front door. 

“I’m staying with my mom tonight,” I called over my shoulder before slamming the door behind me. 

I messing everything up..  


I knocked on Joe and mom’s house, hoping that they hadn’t already gone to bed. 

Mom answered with a smile on her face when she saw me. 

“Samantha! Come in!” She hugged me, even though I just saw her ten minutes ago. 

“Can I stay here tonight?” 

“Sure.. Why?” 

“Just want to?” 

Her face showed many expressions, which I can only describe as ‘we just moved onto another planet and you’re breaking up with Jack and now we’re stuck here. What have we done?’ look. 

“Is everything okay?” She put an arm over my shoulders. 

“Yeah.. Its just me, I snapped at him for no reason I guess. I’m a little embarrassed and want to stay here tonight..” 

“Oh, okay. Well find a room, we brought several pairs of sheets and they are in the yellow suitcase. This house is.. Really nice. wasn’t at all what I was expecting. I mean the beds are just like home!” 

“Probably because they are from earth. Jack told me about how they used to get supplies from earth because after the incident, it was much harder to keep up with everything. So they sent some men to earth to get supplies.. I think that’s how the whole idea of using women from earth came about.” 

“Oh.. Wow.” 

“Jack has had a really tough life..” 

“I can relate. I lost my mother at an early age,” She muttered. I think she was meaning to say ‘That’s no excuse for taking women.’ 

“He lost both of his parents on the same day. His grandma, his aunts. Every female he knew, that day.” 

Her face turned to sadness. 

“I-I didn’t think of it that way..” 

“Did I tell you that he lost his dad as well?” 

“What? How?” 

“That day. His dad came into the house, past Jack, and into his room. Jack said he shot himself minutes later. Jack saw the body..” 

This explains why Jack can be so messed up at times. He basically lost every person he cared about. 

“Oh my gosh,” She breathed. 

“Do you think of Jack differently now? Not so much of a monster?” 

“Well I still don’t like him because he’s with my daughter.. But..” 

“I know. That knowledge changed me when I was in Paris.” 

“Just.. Wow.” 

I nodded and went upstairs into one of the rooms with the sheets. 

I’m being a giant coward, and need to fess up. 

Tomorrow. I’ll tell him tomorrow. 

This was supposed to happen anyway right? The original plan? 

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