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Horrifying New Start (Book I) by thevelvetrose
Horrifying New Start (Book I)by M. Currie
(Part of the New Beginning series.. Book 1) A girl named Samantha was taken, along with many other girls. to a planet with aliens called Twiads. they are handsome but se...
  • sam
  • planet
  • fiction
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It Ends Here... (Book III) by thevelvetrose
It Ends Here... (Book III)by M. Currie
*Going to edit* (Part of the New beginning series.. book 3) Samantha has been through more than any human can take. Thankfully she isn't human anymore. When she heard th...
  • stress
  • change
  • wonderful
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My Best Friend Heroin by Carmen_Toews
My Best Friend Heroinby Carmen_Toews
Hello everyone this is a short story inspired by the film Trainspotting I do not own the movie or the character Mark Renton this is just a short story about a heroin add...
  • mark
  • renton
  • drugs
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Rise Against (Book II) by thevelvetrose
Rise Against (Book II)by M. Currie
*Going to edit* (Part of the New Beginning series.. Book 2) (Sequel to Horrifying New Start) After everything Samantha has been through; with being taken by aliens to c...
  • love
  • sequel
  • sciencefiction
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I've always loved you. by brendaayaneez
I've always loved brenda♡
Riley and Maya are going into their freshman year of high school, and they certainly don't know what to expect. Riley is most anxious and nervous, but those nerves got w...
  • farkle
  • sabrina
  • gmw
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Boredom by MoustacheisCool
Boredomby Ana K.
Boredom. I loathe it really and it loath me so we're even right? The answer is a big fucking no. The worst thing that comes with the depression is how bored you get. Not...
  • ốc
  • begbie
  • sickboy
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The Aftermath (Book IV) [NaNoWriMo13] (On Hold) by thevelvetrose
The Aftermath (Book IV) [ M. Currie
NaNoWriMo13 -Samantha has been through it all: life, death, and love. After sort of surviving the war on Renton, heartbreaks, forced motherhood, tragedy, love, and const...
  • nanowrimo13
  • alien
  • taken
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Moonlight by mr_wasabi
Moonlightby mr_wasabi
Set after the events of Eureka Seven. Renton and Eureka open intimately to each other.
  • eureka
  • renton
  • love
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Far Beyond Eternity by QDesjardin
Far Beyond Eternityby QDesjardin
In a bout of longing, Renton asks Eureka if he could show her the evening skies. And she does.
  • clouds
  • renton
  • sky
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Chain of Many Secrets *Editing* by PurplePoison28
Chain of Many Secrets *Editing*by Ellaine
Strange mysteries go around the lives of the mysterious people that try to hide in the shadows of the town Silverette. A group has been through many strange things but...
  • kid
  • sister
  • shop
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The Best Restaurants In Renton by jasmne1
The Best Restaurants In Rentonby Jasmine Angel
If you are looking for the happy hour restaurants near me then they make special arrangements like they always bring new additions to this menu so that their customers m...
  • grill
  • near
  • hour
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Terrifying New Start (On Hold) by thevelvetrose
Terrifying New Start (On Hold)by M. Currie
Regan was only twenty when she was taken. No, not taken, more like abducted. Not just her, but tons of other girls, to a planet called Renton. She was taken for a purpo...
  • girls
  • alien
  • tristan
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What if? by thevelvetrose
What if?by M. Currie
*Currently Editing* (Read my stories Horrifying New Start, Rise Against, then It Ends here.. first) *This is an Alternative to them* A series of kidnappings have been...
  • penny
  • paris
  • shot
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