What if? (12)

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“Thank you.” I said honestly. 

I pushed myself closer to him and kissed him on the lips. 

He kissed me back slowly, then he got rougher and his hands with to the back of my neck. 

It was then I realized that we had an audience.

So I pushed away and avoided everyone’s eyes. 

“You knew just what I wanted for Christmas,” I told him. 

“I’m incredible.” He shrugged like it was no new news. 

He was so.. Confident that it was hilarious. He never doubts himself.     

I cant let him go to Renton. I cant. 


I glanced at the clock as I rocked Shea back and forth, keeping her hushed as Aubrey and Zack slept. It was my turn to watch her, and by golly I’m going to do an amazing job. 

The clock said five in the morning. Great, I have another two hours till my shift is up and Penny takes over. 

Suddenly Shea was asleep and I let out a sigh of relief. 

I laid her in the crib and snuck off into my room, careful not to wake Jack.

Jack may be my.. Boyfriend, but we aren’t an average couple. We don’t make out on the couch or cant keep our hands off each other. Well I guess that’s all because of me. I was the one who said just a peck on the lips. 

I don’t know what has got me thinking of that. I guess after what happened on Christmas less then a week ago, and plus I’m running on five hours of sleep. 

I crawled into bed and shivered from the cold. It was, after all, December. 

Jack’s arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me closer to him warm body. He seemed asleep though! But I knew better. He probably felt my shiver. 

I didn’t protest because who would deny cuddling up to a hot guy for warmth? Even if he is a kidnapping jerk. 

I slept maybe four or five hours. Then I got up and went downstairs to eat breakfast. Aubrey was up and in a great mood. I patted myself on the back for keeping Shea distracted while Aubrey slept for twelve hours. 

Penny was in the kitchen with Mary, cleaning up the breakfast I had missed. And Zack was still asleep or showering. I don’t know. 

Jack was outside working on the car because the oil needed changing and we cant take it to a shop. 

I made my way to the garage and saw two legs sticking out from under the car. 

“Good morning,” He greeted. Apparently he saw me or something. He’s weird at times. 

“Good morning.” I said back. 

“Hand me the wrench please.” 

I looked around and spotted it, then handed it to him. 

I went to the corner and wrapped my arms around my legs. 

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